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True Detective in the Media

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From  https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/a24560661/true-detective-season-3-hbo-trailer/ 


. . . With Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali in the lead role, the first trailer for new season appears to deliver everything that made the first season such a hit: the somber philosophical monologues, the twangy Americana track, shadowy cinematography, and what seems to be a complex timeline that sees Ali donning old age makeup as his likely haunted cop looks back at the case he never forgot

This also looks like a better setting and character for Mamie Gummer to get a little Emmy buzz than Mr. Robot.

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I did find the running joke of Stan in S2 funny but I thought it was bad. I was impressed wit Colin Farrell though. 

S3 looks promising. Mahershala Ali is a great actor. I do love the horror movie The Gate so Stephen Dorff has a point with me.  Hopefully this will be better then last season.

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Mahershala Ali is on Jimmy Kimmel right now. He is the whole package. Really listens and then responds with a great wit. He said playing basketball in college prepared him to see acting projects as a team effort. 

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I love both of the detectives - and I love them both together.   Soooo good.

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