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S06.E35: Graybles 1000+

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Another week, another bout of weirdness Or should I say "bouts"? Cuber runs afoul of aliens, and he's shot down on an exotic planet, with only his Graybles to save him. Except it's not an alien world, but -- apparently -- it's Ooo of the far-flung future. Hey, we had an episode from the distant past, so why not go the other way?


The Graybles are pretty interesting. Apparently, Gunther (or a Gunther) likes to break Ice King's leg while he's sleeping. And Princess Bubblegum has tracking devices in her citizens' teeth . .. . something Starchy tries to circumvent. Because Adventure Time, that's why.

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So the Ice King apparently evolves into some manner of snow bat? No that's not terrifying at all.


I guess PB also is currently tracking everyone in the kingdoms with those teeth implants and in the future she puts all the Candy People into hibernation too in the Candy Golems. She is starting to get more and more despotic in an attempt to keep them all safe eh?


A fun episode all in all. I actually find these ones less weird that stuff like Chips and Ice Cream.

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That's too bad for the Ice King (although I'm holding out hope that he actually passes the crown on to something else - remember that the crown basically makes him like that).

But the even more gigantic Gumball Guardian was really cool, and the Grass Lard (only put into suspended animation by something in its ear) was neat too.

Nice to see that really nothing has changed for Marcelline.

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