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S03.E22: This Is Your Sword

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I had the exact opposite reaction. When I heard his story I just thought "why aren't you breaking the cycle?" If bad things have been done to you that you hated, why not make a difference by not doing it to someone else?

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In a show that has spent a season selling a Malcolm Merlyn redemption angle, I don't think it's so crazy to think that some members of the audience could view its villains as existing on a moral spectrum, with grey areas. It's not a stretch to consider that many people watching the show (regardless of age) might believe that while Ra's is awful, he really loves his daughter, deep down, and wants the best for her. Just like Malcolm does for Thea.


But I don't think that most people who are upset about Nyssa being forced into a marriage fall into the category of people I described above. I don't think they are unaware that Ra's is evil, or confused as to whether the showrunners believe it is an evil act. They're upset that the show is perpetuating a pattern of treatment of gay characters, gay women in specific, AND that it has yet to condemn the act in the text from that standpoint. It's not a lot to ask.


As I said a few pages back, I think a lot of this would have been alleviated had Laurel made a comment about Nyssa. That's literally all it would take. Having Laurel express horror that her friend, who is queer and was in love with Laurel's dearly departed sister, is going to be forced into a marriage with a man who may or may not be brainwashed--that's not spelling it out; that's hitting your emotional beats. But hey, they didn't include a line like that because this story is not about Nyssa. Instead, the only person who made a comment about the grossness was Felicity, and she made it in regard to Oliver. It's obvious that the show's concern in this situation is only for Oliver, and Nyssa is simply being used to further his pain in this LOA story. Maybe they'll turn it around somehow in the finale, but unless it ends with Nyssa killing Ra's herself...I doubt it.


As I've said before, this kind of anger is not always about the exact story they're telling at this moment; sometimes it is about what happens to women and minority characters in general, what prices they pay, how they are used and abused. When you see the same story beats repeated across culture, it shows a pattern. I mean, this is Cultural Studies 101. Women--gay women and POC women in particular--are exploited and killed off at a much higher rate than male characters. That pattern communicates that that's the type of story people are interested in telling, or reading, or watching about you. That's your role.

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How I feel about the wedding is very fragmented in my head... I get the Ras is evil sociopath & wants to break both OQ & Nyssa so its perfect. But on the other hand, I look at the influence a show can have on social issues and think ugh why are the writers not doing anything to help create better message of gender & sexuality equality? I know its not supposed to be TVs role to educate and help shape culture, but the reality is that is does more so than other mediums & outlets. Sadly, a lot of people learn more from TV than they do from places like school, church or home.


I think CarrieAnn had a perfectly good solution by having Laurel (or anyone else in the cell) say something about how horrible it is for Nyssa. I get its Oliver's story, but they spent how many episodes telling Ray's & LL/BC's stories? One line about how Nyssa being forced to marry & produce heirs is disgusting on so many levels considering her gender & sexuality would not have ruined the integrity of the show. They still could have kept in the line about Oliver, to show that it is still bad for him too. I'm not asking for the writers to change their plans, but just acknowledging in script the wrongness of Ra's evil would help alleviate some of the bad feelings. By not mentioning anything at all, in many ways it helps to normalize the marginalization of gender & sexuality. One line could have saved so much.

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It would have been incredibly useful when Team Arrow were locked in that dungeon if there had been someone with them who was able to break glass remotely -- perhaps with her voice...


That might have dissipated the virus/non-virus and allowed a) the team to start working out how to get out of the open grid on the doors and b) the virus/non-virus to affect LOA members who were not at the wedding.

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322 (This Is Your Sword) – Oliver Queen's voiceover intro:
Oliver (voiceover): "My name was Oliver Queen. For three years, I worked to save my city. But to save my sister, I had to become someone else. I had to become something else."

322 (This Is Your Sword) – Team Arrowless continues to fight crime without Oliver:
Diggle (on comms): "I hate when they run."
Felicity (on comms): "Well, at least you're getting your cardio workout in. I still have 40 minutes on an elliptical in my immediate future.”
Unidentified guy (to Diggle): “You supposed to be undercover or something? I sniffed you three blocks back.”
Diggle: “You led me right to your gang. Smart plan.”
Unidentified guy: “Thanks.”
Diggle: “No, I meant smart plan… because it was mine.”
(Diggle puts in ear plugs, Laurel emits Canary Cry, gang members groan and collapse, fight ensues.)
Felicity (on comms): “John, I think he gives up! John! John!”
(Cut to Diggle’s apartment.)
Diggle: “Thanks for coming in through the back. With Sara and Lyla gone, the last thing I need are the neighbors talking.”
Laurel: “About some strange woman dressed in all black leather.”
Felicity: “You're out of ice. How can you be out of ice? Here.”
Diggle: “Thanks.”
Laurel: “Okay, so the night's young, and there's a meth dealer working a corner on Fulton.”
Diggle: “Sounds good.”
Felicity: “Actually, it doesn't. You were completely unhinged out there tonight, Dig. You're in denial about how angry you are.”
Diggle: “No, Felicity, I'm not in denial. But I am angry! Oliver. He was my best friend. And he kidnapped… my wife.”
Felicity: “And you think that justifies hospitalizing people?”
Diggle: “No, Felicity, it doesn't, you're right. It won't happen again.”
Felicity: “I'm not saying that life doesn't suck right now, but you can't go around the city taking it out on every criminal you see.”
Laurel: “How can you, out of all people, be so sanguine after what happened last week?”
Felicity: “Because I know that that wasn't Oliver. “
Diggle: “Now who's in denial?”
Felicity: “It wasn't! Our Oliver, my Oliver, died the day he joined the League. This is someone else!”
Laurel: “You truly believe that?”
Felicity: “I have to. 

322 (This Is Your Sword) – Ray has Felicity sign some papers, which transfer ownership of Palmer Tech to her:
Ray: "Hey."
Felicity: "You got it to fly. What more do you want?"
Ray: “Well, true art is never finished, it's only abandoned. Plus, I had this little idea I just couldn't kick. You okay? You have this little cloud that keeps following you around.”
Felicity: “Yeah. Well, something happened while you were away, and… I'm just handling it.”
Ray: “Is it, uh, Oliver-related? It's Oliver-related. If you want to talk about it –“
Felicity: “Maybe we shouldn't cross that line. It's a long story anyway.”
Ray: “Well, if you change your mind, I have time. And, hey… you're my friend. I'm always going to be there for you. It's non-negotiable.”
Felicity: “Thanks, Ray.”
Ray: “So, while I'm waiting to do something for you, there's a little something that you can do for me. Sign… here and here.”
Felicity: “Okay.”
Ray: “Right.”
Felicity: “What's this for?”
Ray: “Just a little corporate stuff, Miss Vice President.”
Felicity: “Mm-hmm.” (Her cell phone rings)
Ray: “Everything okay?”
Felicity: “Probably not.”

322 (This Is Your Sword) – Malcolm tells Team Arrowless about Oliver’s charade to fool Ra’s al Ghul and introduces them to Tatsu Yamashiro AKA Katana:
Felicity: "So now Malcolm Merlyn can summon us. I really don't like the idea that he can summon us.”
Laurel: “Any idea what this is about?”
Diggle: “No, but Merlyn assures me that he'll be waving the white flag.”
Malcolm (entering): “I'm sorry. I forgot the flag.”
Laurel: “That's too bad. I would have told you where you can put it.” 
Diggle: “What is this about, Malcolm?”
Malcolm: “Well, this isn't going to be easy for all of you to believe –“  
Felicity: “Only because you're a sociopath and a liar.”
Malcolm: “Be that as it may, this would be much quicker for all of us if we can fast forward through this cynicism and reach the conclusion that I am telling you the truth.” 
Diggle: “About what?”
Malcolm: “Oliver. His allegiance with the League is a charade.”
Felicity: “Why would you even begin to play with our emotions like that?” 
Malcolm: “This plan was born the moment Oliver realized that he had to capitulate to Ra's to save Thea.”
Diggle: “And instead of sharing this plan with us, he trusted you?” 
Laurel: “The man who had my sister murdered.” 
Malcolm: “Well, I am better practiced in the art of deception. And no offense, none of you are particularly good actors.” 
Diggle: “I'm out.”
Malcolm: “You've seen for yourselves how dangerous Ra's and the League are. The circle of trust had to remain as small as possible.”
Felicity: “Until now? What changed?”
Diggle: “Forget it, Felicity. There's nothing he can say that we can believe.”
Malcolm: “Mr. Diggle's right. Which is why I brought along a friend of Oliver's.”
Tatsu (entering): “My name is Tatsu Yamashiro. And your city is in great danger.”
Felicity: “You expect us to believe her? We never even met her. We never met her, right?”
Tatsu: “No. Apart from my brief time helping Oliver recover from the wounds Ra's al Ghul inflicted on him, my life has been one of… isolation.”
Diggle: “Okay, Merlyn, this is your big plan? A woman that we've never met or even heard of?”
Tatsu: “Oliver doesn't like to speak about the past.”
Felicity: “Apparently, he's not so forthcoming about the present, either.”
Tatsu: “My son was killed by the virus Ra's intends to use on your city.”
Diggle: “Are you - you're Akio's mother?”
Tatsu: “Oliver was with me when it happened. He knows that the danger you all face is very real.”
Laurel: “Okay, you know what, how many times are we going to believe him after everything that he's done?”
Tatsu: “I am not privy to your history with Malcolm. This request comes from Oliver.”
Diggle: “We're not sure that's any better at the moment.”
Malcolm: “Look, I am not playing a game here. My daughter lives in this city, remember? This is everything I have on the bioweapon. I've arranged passage for all of us to go to Nanda Parbat. If you're coming, be at Ferris Air before sunrise.”

322 (This Is Your Sword) – Felicity refuses to return to Nanda Parbat:
Felicity: "How can we not know about this? How can anyone not know about a terrorist attack in Hong Kong?"
Diggle: “Because Beijing had us believing that these deaths were caused by a local chemical spill.”
Felicity: “You don't really believe Merlyn?”
Diggle: “Well, looking at this, we can't afford not to believe Merlyn.” 
Felicity: “He is a mass murderer who has lied to us so many times it should be a drinking game. And I have never even heard of this Tatsu person.”
Diggle: “Felicity, I don't know if you're right that Oliver's gone forever or not. The truth is, for me, it doesn't matter. If there's even a possibility of this kind of danger in my city, I'm reporting for duty.”
Laurel: “Me, too.”
Felicity: “I don't believe them. And even if I did, I can't go back there. Not after what they did to Oliver.”

322 (This Is Your Sword) – Tatsu tells Felicity that Oliver’s last thought was of her:
Tatsu: "I am sorry to intrude. Mr. Merlyn said that I would find you here.”
Felicity: “That might be the only thing he's ever said that isn't a lie.”
Tatsu: “I did not come here to convince you of the threat to your home. There's nothing I can say that you will believe… more than what you have seen.”
Felicity: “Then why are you here?”
Tatsu: “To speak with you about Oliver. During his recuperation, Oliver spoke of you. Of how his last thought before the fall was of you. You love him… still.”
Felicity: “Oliver belongs to Ra's now.”
Tatsu: “If you believe that, you must fight for him.”
Felicity: “There is no ‘him’ left.”
Tatsu: “I thought as you do once. My husband, Maseo, was consumed by the League's darkness. I was so convinced that he was lost to me that I didn't even try to reach him. Don't make my mistake… Felicity.”

322 (This Is Your Sword) – Felicity changes her mind and decides to go with the others to Nanda Parbat:
Malcolm: "Is that a Masamune blade?”
Tatsu: “A katana. Passed on for centuries within my family. The first son of each generation.”
Malcolm: “You are not a son, Tatsu.”
Tatsu: “No, I am not.”
Diggle: “Let's get this over with.”
Malcolm: “The plane's ready. It should be big enough for all of us. Including her.”
Diggle: “Thought you weren't coming.”
Felicity: “I changed my mind. (To Malcolm) But if you betray us, I'll make sure the whole world knows that you are alive, and where they can find you.”

322 (This Is Your Sword) – Malcolm and Team Arrowless go to Nanda Parbat and fight League assassins:
(Diggle, Felicity, Laurel, Malcolm and Tatsu walk up the beach at Nanda Parbat.)
Laurel: "So this is Nanda Parbat."
Felicity: “Next time, we should really look into getting some horses. You think they rent horses here?”
Diggle: “There won't be a next time.”
Malcolm: “There it is. The plane Ra's intends to use to spread the Alpha Omega over Starling.”
Felicity: “I need to be within 50 yards to breach the plane's internal mainframe and navigation software, but then I should be able to remote ground the thing.”
Malcolm: “Quiet.”
Laurel: “I don't see anything.”
Malcolm (shooting arrow into League assassin): “There'll be more.”
(Suddenly they’re surrounded by League assassins. Fight ensues.)
Malcolm (to Felicity): “Get to the plane. We'll cover you. Go!”
Felicity (running): “Close enough.” (Stops and works on her tablet)
Maseo: “Surrender now, and you might live.”
Tatsu: “Maseo.”
Maseo: “Maseo is a memory.”
Tatsu: “Our child was gone, and you left me when I needed you most. But you can still come back to me. It's not too late.”
Maseo: “Yes, it is.”
Laurel: “You know I wouldn't have done the same thing for you.”
Malcolm: “I know.”
Maseo: “Your husband is long dead. If Sarab must die as well, then so be it.”
Felicity: “Oh, frack! More frack! (Throws tablet at League assassin, who goes down. She smiles but then sees that Malcolm had shot arrow into his back) Oh. That makes more sense.”
Malcolm: “Can you bring it down from the sky?” 
Felicity: “They destroyed my gear. But I had some insurance come along.” 
Malcolm: “What kind of insurance?” 
(The Atom flies in.)
Felicity: “The atomic kind.”
(Ray takes down plane but falls to the ground himself.)
Felicity: “Ray!”
Malcolm: “Look out!”
Felicity: “Ray!”
Ray: “Ohh. You should see the other guy.”

322 (This Is Your Sword) – Diggle, Felicity, Laurel, Malcolm, Ray and Tatsu are taken prisoner by Ra’s al Ghul:
Felicity: "Hey! Oliver - Oliver, what's going on?"
Oliver: "If any of you speak, we're all going to die.”
Felicity: “What?”
Oliver: “I need you to trust me.”
Ra’s: “Chinese have a saying. Stir the grass, and you stifle the snake. My ruse with the plane was meant to reveal any traitors among me. How did you know of the virus? Of the plane?”
Tatsu: “Maseo told me, and I told them.”
Ra’s: “So a dead man told you. How convenient.”
Tatsu: “He said only three men knew about your plan. You, him, and Oliver.”
Oliver: “Oliver Queen is dead. I am Al Sah-him.”
Ra’s: “This would not be the first time that Sarab has betrayed me to Maseo Yamashiro's weaknesses. And though your timing was a function of my gambit, it was nevertheless fortuitous. You see, by tradition, Ra's would contemplate mercy upon his enemies on the eve of a wedding.”
Ray: “You are getting married? I guess there really is a kettle for every pot.”
Oliver: “The wedding is mine. I am betrothed to Nyssa al Ghul.” (Looks at Felicity)
Ra’s: “Take them below.”



322 (This Is Your Sword) – Diggle tells Oliver that he’s lost his trust, friendship and respect:
Felicity: "I can't believe he's going to marry her."
Malcolm: “You should worry more about getting out of here alive.”
Ray: “Is that even a remote possibility? Didn't think so.”
Laurel: “We aren't going to die here. Oliver would never let that happen.”
Diggle: “He let this happen.”
League Minion (to Diggle): “Wareeth al Ghul commands your presence.”
(Cut to chamber.)
Oliver: “Leave us. Is everyone okay?”
Diggle: “Like you give a damn!”
Oliver: “Didn't Malcolm speak to you?”
Diggle: “He did. So was a part of your plan to leave my daughter alone when you kidnapped my wife?”
Oliver: “I had to do something to prove my loyalty to Ra's.”
Diggle: “So taking Lyla? That was your idea, Oliver? In front of our daughter?!”
Oliver: “Yes. You met Tatsu.”
Diggle: “What does that have to do with anything?”
Oliver: “Tatsu told me… that in order to beat Ra's, I would have to sacrifice all of the things in my life that I hold most precious. And your friendship is on that list.”
Diggle: “Oliver, you didn't just lose my friendship. You lost my trust. You lost my respect.”

322 (This Is Your Sword) – Oliver lets his team believe that they’re going to die from the bio virus thrown into the cell:
Felicity: “What did Oliver say?”
Diggle: “Nothing worth hearing.”
Felicity: “You were right about Oliver. I should’ve listened to you.”
(Malcolm is returned to the cell by Ra’s and Oliver.)
Malcolm: “I told you about Oliver. You were supposed to –“
Ra’s: “Supposed to do what, Mr. Merlyn? Grant you mercy? I am. Because this death will be a lot shorter than the one I had planned for you.”
Malcolm: “You –“ (Gets punched out by League goon)
(Ra’s hold up vial of bio virus.)
Felicity: “Oliver, if what Malcolm said is true, if you're going to do anything, now is the time!”
Ra’s: “Al Sah-him has said that the swordswoman is inoculated, so you can take her to another chamber.” (Tatsu is taken out)
Laurel: “No! Oliver! Oliver, we believed in you!”
Ra’s (smashing vial onto floor of cell): “Seal the room.” (Leaves)
Diggle: “Oliver, listen to me! Oliver!”
(Oliver closes cell door.)
Diggle: “For the love of God!”
Laurel: “No, Oliver! What the hell are you doing?!”
Ray: “Come on, you got to get us out of here!”
Felicity: “We trusted you. You asked us to trust you and we trusted you!”
Laurel: “Don't do this! Oliver!”
Diggle: “Oliver!”
(All continue yelling at Oliver, while he leaves.)

322 (This Is Your Sword) – Oliver marries Nyssa in a League ceremony, while his former team members “die” in the cell:
League Priestess: “There is no vow more sacred, nor covenant more holy, than the one between man and woman. With this ceremony, your souls are bound together, forever joined. You will never be free. You will always be held captive by your love for each other.”
(Nyssa tries to stab Oliver with a knife, but he stops her.)
Oliver: “Continue.”
(Cut to cell, where Diggle and Felicity are sitting shoulder to shoulder.)
Diggle: “I'm sorry, Felicity, for everything.”
Felicity: “You don't have to be sorry for anything, John. I'm glad to have known you.”
(Cut to ceremony.)
League Priestess: “And for this shared life, we offer blessings. (Speaks Arabic) The union is sealed." (Chanting continues)
(Cut to cell, where each person slowly falls unconscious.)

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