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Fashion on Hannibal: Plaid suits and paisley ties

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I love it when his hair is floppy. It looks so overdone slicked back.


More on the suit: It looks like he's in a Goth barbershop quartet.


Yeah, I said it.

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I thought he looked like a carnival barker at the world's scariest sideshow, which...kinda fits.


Because one gaudy set of stripes isn't enough, we need them in three colors.  The bow tie made it even worse.  This thing made the turquoise suit and the plaid suit look soooo much better.  Bedelia looked nice, of course.


Chiyo's clothes kind of reminded me of Will's more outdoorsy wardrobe.  Will is back to wearing his old shirts, but he still has that post-mental hospital trenchcoat.

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He had to look his best facing down Bedelia! Plus I think he is more taken care of--regular haircuts, nice pullover sweaters, decent coat. He has his armor back in place. We are finally seeing Will at his best.

Another issue with Reba! Boring wardrobe. She did have a leather jacket on post sex scene that was cool/funky. Francis is non-descript although his sweater/shirt combo in the last scene echoed Will's combo from an earlier scene.

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Despite Francis's opinion, I think Will looked fabulous this episode.  Especially in the final scene when he's wearing all black to Hannibal's prison gray.  Yum. 

I love his sweater over shirt combo too.  He just looks so ..huggable.

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