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I feel like I need to be high to appreciate this show. 


Don't get me wrong...I can identify with being mid-40's in a company that is starting to hire more young people in their early 20's so we don't get "too old" and set in our ways.  And my company, too, is doing it in a way that doesn't really take into consideration how and where to integrate those people and actually benefit from it without disrupting business in a bad way. 


I can also identify with not really enjoying the child care part of children.  I mean, I want to reach through the tv and smack the kids on this show, so I imagine having to be a parent to any of them would make me want to scream in my car, too.  But, I knew I didn't have the nerves for it, so I didn't have children.


I think I was expecting the show to be funnier.  It's more dramatic than funny, and that's throwing me off because I'm all fed up with existential angst on tv.  It's your life - suck it up or change it.  Watching people whine about their lives is no fun unless it's funny.   

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I keep watching this and I'm not quite sure why. I am a huge Steve Coogan fan, but he is so wasted in this.

Enjoyed reading all the reasons why everyone else is so annoyed by this show. It just confirms all my own frustrations. And I hadn't even focused on the child, but yes, let's add little adorakable to the list.

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I'm hate watching it to the end (OCD much?) and I hate myself for it. 


Lispy Adorkable sends me into a rage spiral as do his mom and dad. 

The whining is deeply unfunny and they hit these outrageous levels of misery about the smallest things. 

I'm bored every time I'm at Coogan's job. It's all mumbling and eye rolling. 

I hate the fantasy sequences too. They just don't work for me at all and leave me feeling tired.

Remember the scene where the wife moves into a huge barn and starts using it as a studio?  She let that old man sit there for the rest of the day evne though she wanted to get to work. Am I supposed to feel for her? And yet she goes from zero to psychotic rage when a  teacher suggests that what she does isn't really work. Yea toots, it's not if that's all it takes to derail you! I got the impression that the writers wanted me to side with her, too. I don't think so. Have a cup of coffee with the old man, listen to his story and then tell him you have to get back to work. See? Easy!


OK I'm off to my car to have a 20 minute scream fest, if anybody needs me.

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I'm hate watching it to the end (OCD much?) and I hate myself for it. 




I am too although I have skipped a couple of episodes and fast forwarded through a lot.  Such clichés and unoriginality.  Ikea jokes?  Really? 

And you could see the pregnancy coming a mile away - just as he was actually going to quit his shitty job. Oh no! 

I guess the next season would be jokes about middle age couples having babies.

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I've only seen three episodes, but I think I like it better than most.


But I stumbled into a very, very bad parenting moment: my five-year-old, Dora-loving daughter was sitting on my lap watching with me when that painting of Dora popped on the screen--her abuela holding a large knife with one hand and Dora's severed head with the other, while Boots chewed on Dora's viscera.



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Forbes.com made the observation.


Upshot seems to be that the commercial is so iconic that it might have been a coincidence. I don't think I buy it (pun intended).

It was more interesting to me that MM (apparently) paid to air the "real thing" (see what I did there?) and Happyish had to do the we've-changed-it-enough-to-not-have-to-pay-but-you-know-what-it's-supposed-to-be thing. This after going balls to the wall with other household name brands.


Yeah, that drove me crazy, that the melody was "off".  I started to wonder if I was remembering it wrong!  But YouTube confirmed I was not.  As you say, it seemed strange, given that they seemed in earlier episodes to be able to use real branded stuff.  But maybe music is different somehow.

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I sometimes get annoyed with the show for hitting so hard its theme of "life sucks, everything's bullshit".  And that was true in spades at the beginning of episode 5, "Starring Josey Wales...".  But there is a rare brilliance in being able to make me laugh my ass off at a scene that consists simply of a lonely old man straightforwardly recounting the relatives he lost in the Holocaust.

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