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S02.E04: A Stray Dog Walks Into A Bar

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After dealing with their quirky neighbor, Danny tells Justin that he is easily taken advantage of and soon reveals that he has been overcharging him for rent. Meanwhile, Brett teaches Candace how to lie so that she can keep a stray puppy she found outside of the bar.
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Chris D posted on Twitter that the anchor bit went on for 25 minutes at the taping. Can't tell if that would be hilarious or tedious to see.

If you were in the studio audience, with other people, it would probably have been hilarious.

I like this oddball group of friends, but I worry about how empty Justin's bar is all the time. Maybe because it's so big. Cheers wasn't that big, if I recall.

Liked the little meta when Brett mentioned that Candace had a Disney face.

I was reading that in the pilot, Brett was played by Matthew Wilkas, who is more classically handsome and built, and also openly gay. I can't find anything that says why he exited after the pilot.

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I assume their bar gets a lot more customers in the evening, and this is mostly during the day? There are usually some random people in the background.


All shows need to include a cute puppy with a memorable voice. 

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Ron Funches -- great as ever.  He had some funny lines.


The actress playing Candace is adorable.


Plus, the dog was cute.


Chris D'Elia -- still not funny.

I approve of this post!!!

Every bit of that analysis is right.

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