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S11.E01: Cedric the Entertainer

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Oh this was a lot of fun! Cedric was great, they let him play Questions which was fine, and Superhero movie may be the best round of Words Worst I've seen in a long time.

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It was a great return!


The games: Weird Newscasters, Questions, World's Worst, Living Scenery, and Greatest Hits.

The intros: Wayne- Serving Aces, Gary- Strong Forehand, Colin- Double Fault, and Ryan- New Balls, Please


I really enjoy Colin giving names to the other newscasters.  Really enjoyed Carlo Becausethetiresflat, Trixie, Chauncey, and Thaddeus P. Carbuckle!  Then again, Trixie's "oh, I dropped a crumb" will be funny for a while.


Was it just me, or was the guy immediately to Aisha's right-in the audience- look sort of Robbie Amell? Yeah, prob'ly just me. Still, the guy had a great smile and did look like he was having a blast.


I'm glad that this was the season premiere because it had fun games and Living Scenery felt fun again.


As a person from the DFW area, I hope there is no real problem with Dallas.

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Gary Anthony Williams looks like he's lost a whole person since the last time he was on the show! And I feel like they're dressing Ryan and Colin younger than they did last season. 

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I loved Ryan lurking in the corner during the intro.


Gary does look good! The Riverdancing was funny and Ryan finding his freaks was hilarious "2 men, 8 eyes!"


I never remember Ryan swearing a lot and he's letting 'em fly these days!


Living Scenery has to be my least favorite game ever. The old (Clive Anderson) WLIIA had so many different games - why do they stick to the same 8-10 games now??

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