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S12.E20: No Good Deed

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Sorry but I don't find the appearance of Robert Wagner to be one bit interesting. He comes across as dull, flat, and boring. He was once a good actor but time and age have done a number on him. He is no longer fancy and sexy just a tired old man. Even his voice has been affected. His performance is like watching a person read a script, almost rote in manner. No life or spark there anymore.


Late to the party, but did anyone else fear a dementia storyline?? I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Senior just looked so confused in the kitchen when Tony came rushing in  - he was just standing at the counter. He wasn't trying to put out the fire or call for help or anything. Just stood there. I was sure that's where they were headed. Then another time he was in the apartment just staring off into space. At Gibbs' when he was telling his "lightbulb moment" story, I kept waiting for him to say he had been diagnosed and was moving to DC to be with Tony. That he's *choosing* to do so to spend time with Tony was a pleasant surprise for me.


For someone who only picked up this show last year and have crammed 250+ eps into the last 14 months, I am VERY invested in the Tony-Zoe relationship. Hmm. Only just put together that her name also starts with Z. do they have a celebrity name yet? Zony? I think Toe (or Toe-y) isn't probably going to catch on... :-) Or maybe just DiNozzoe! (I crack myself right up. #needsleep.)


ETA: Now I find myself listening for the elevator ding at the beginning of every ep, and when it doesn't happen (rarely), I get sad.

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