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Younger in the Media: Niche Marketing

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From the New Yorker gift guide: Confirmation that those heavy necklaces Miriam Shor wears do take their toll.

actress Miriam Shor, who plays the elegant publishing executive Diana Trout on TV Land’s “Younger,” and who has become something of a cult style icon for the chunky, oversized necklaces that she wears on the show. She told me that sometimes her door-knocker pendants are so heavy that she has to take them off between scenes to give her spine a break.

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TV Line has an interview with Charles Michael Davis who plays Zane - its mostly about his stint on NCIS: New Orleans Debut but there is a bit about Younger too and this bit of information:


We start filming [Season 7] at the end of this month.

WHAT? They haven't even shot the new season yet? I suppose they needed extra time to come up with new ways to shoe-horn Josh into stories he doesn't need to be in (like that mirco dosing weekend).

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A Younger Spin-Off about Kelsey??

Count me out.

What would that even be about? Is it about her threatening to leave her way to the top again while ingesting heroic amounts of alcohol in a different in-bar each night?

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...And sleeping with the authors she’s working with.

There is no part of Kelsey’s life outside the office I’m interested in on Younger, much less in her own show.


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As much as I do like Hilary Duff, Kelsey is the least interesting character on this show to me. Well, she's slightly more interesting than Liza's daughter, but not much. I'd rather watch Hilary on the adult Lizzy McGuire show. 

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