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I cannot get enough of Farley. It's even better knowing CP hates goatees, so Bobby has one. All of the cutaways with her were a scream. 


Senor Feet was so ridiculous. I didn't realize what he was saying at first. That video was awesome. 

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I checked out the AV Club's review. Turns out this was the last "Wheels, Ontario." Looks like somebody else will have to make good-natured fun of Canada. And I mean on a consistent basis, not just once in a while like on South Park.


Speaking of things ending . . .  how many more episodes are there? Also, am I wrong for getting a little amped seeing Bobby, thinking maybe CT will be close by?

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Holy shit that was bizarre. When Armond landed on the trampoline, I was like, "oh, it's like that movie the Game." Then. Oh. Ok. 


I loved Liz's little high pitched screams. 

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This wasn't what I expected for a finale. It's a good episode, but not a final one. I'm a little disappointed it wasn't a whole hour because we didn't get anything from Bobby and Farley, or the pawn shop guys wrap up. And nothing from Wheels either. I did like the LA Deli reference. 


I never really got much out of Dead Girl Town, so I think this was kind of a waste to introduce this in the final season and then chew up two scenes' worth in the finale. 

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