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The Cricket Thread: I Can Hear the Insects Chirping

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With the ODI World Cup close to it's conclusion I'm wondering if there are any other guys who are also spending the early hours of the morning (or late nights depending where you're at) watching the big matches.

As a diehard #ProteaFire fan I can't wait to see the Kiwi/Proteas clash tomorrow. And truly hope the winner of that match will go on to win the tourney.

So any other fans on here? Who are you supporting?

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I actually own a Team USA cricket shirt and cap, but, given that I am aware of the woeful state of USA Cricket, they're pretty much ironic.  I was impressed that they finally started selling gear, though.

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I'm actually surprised as well (about the gear).

I really hope to see cricket spreading to the US in a more concerted effort during the next 10 or so years. T20 cricket (which, yes is the bastard son of the step child of real cricket) is tailor made for a global audience. The action, suspense, every ball counts mentality should be able to sell it on its own!

My favourite format is obviously test cricket(due to the technical side of things, and the true craft that goes into a well constructed test innings) but for sheer drama and suspense ODI is a very close second!

Gutted that our dear Proteas lost the game this morning, but it was one hell of a contest! Now I really hope that New Zealand will beat the Aussies (Or Indian side depending on who wins the next one) on Sunday. They truly deserve it!

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