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S02.E02: Candace's Boyfriend Walk Into A Bar

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The gang meets Candace's boyfriend only to learn that he is a total jerk. Despite Danny's objections everyone feels they need to convince her that she can do better. Meanwhile, Brett takes kissing lessons from Shelly.



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If this show has any ambition to be more than a run-of-the-mill sitcom (and it probably doesn't), it needs to get past this stock storyline:


Which male character is a jerk this week?


Is it Danny?  Is it Justin?  Do they bring in a jerk-of-the-week?  Last season jerks-of-the-week included Leslie's ex husband, Justin's father, and the neighbor who grew marijuana in his apartment.

This episode: it's Candace's boyfriend.


You can't build a show just around that.


Is it going to be a comedy about a group of friends and their interactions and things they do together?  I think so, but let's see some more depth in the friends (I sort of hate myself for being the kind of person who asks for more depth in sitcom characters, but I just did).


Leslie has got to be more interesting than just a girl with nice hair who sits around the bar all day.  And the guy with the glasses?  I don't even know his name.

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I didn't mind this episode that much.  That said, Friends, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and other successful shows of that ilk did understand that you have to spend some time on each of them, and so far skeevy Danny and annoying Justin are "it" each week.  Even Shelley, the one who gets the most screentime besides them, is just there for a standard type of joke, not for his own occasional subplots.


I suppose it could be argued that "British gay dude who's name I still don't know after more than a season" had a plot this time with the kissing thing.  But really it was more of a running joke than an actual plot.  

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