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A place to talk about the episodes as they air.


I'll start, while the storyline with Walker is interesting the show has a lot of issues.  The SfX are not very good and the pacing seems off to me.  Although Zora's powers were nicely displayed. 


I'm not particularly liking Calista or Retro Girl for that matter and the Partner's kid seem superfluous.  But Johnny Royale and even Wolfe seem interesting and I'd rather spend more time with them. 

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The SfX are not very good and the pacing seems off to me.  Although Zora's powers were nicely displayed. 

I don't mind the FX not being on par with something like GoT or Agents of SHIELD.  They're slightly better than the average SyFy movie, and for a reasonably low-budget show that's being produced for a platform that's never produced a series before, I can live with it.

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I didn't mind the special effects, but some of the dialogue was pretty bad.  The acting wasn't that great, either.  Overall, I was rather underwhelmed.  


Sharlto Copley looks botoxed in his close-ups, and I didn't buy Susan Heyward as a cop - she looks like a teenager and seemed to play tough more than be tough.


The premise is interesting, but the execution in the pilot left much to be desired.  Maybe the show will find its footing, though. 

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The pilot was not good. A lot of the dialogue was atrocious. The exposition dump in the beginning of the pilot was so bad that we need a new word for awkward. And my understanding is that Deena Pilgrim is supposed to be a plucky young detective. The way she's written she comes off as an oblivious inexperienced loud mouth. And she has no chemistry with Copley.

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Is she supposed to have chemistry with him though? And she is an oblivious inexperienced loud mouth. I don't normally have a lot of patience with this character type, and the acting doesn't help. The leads are the least interesting characters. Also, so much manpain...

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Episode 5 was better in a lot of ways although Walker is still the the least interesting of the leads (and Deena doesn't count).  I'm really liking what they're doing with Johnny Royal though.  Even Wolfe is becoming a somewhat interesting character.  It's kind of sad how Walker despite having some layers to his personality is still so boring.  I really hope they do something with Deena though.  Right now she's just there with no real personality to speak of. 

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I'm sure if they tried hard enough they could have stretched that bit between Walker and Wolfe for the entire episode! More cuts followed by more repetitions and there ya go. I found it was so drawn out that it wasted any sense of tension by the time it was over.


Zora's story seems to go to interesting places. I just hope she doesn't turn into a standard hero off-screen.


Didn't that killed cop's kid meet Calista in a Powers club and they just really hit it off? She is convinced she is a Power. and is obvious a Retro Girl fan, yet he is becoming very open about his anti-Powers feelings and actions. Maybe I missed something, but was there any conversation between them that let him know this was a good idea? (Granted, he is a teenager.)

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Michelle Forbes is pretty freaking amazing on this show. This last episode she really was great.


Put me in the camp loving every minute of this. There are things to nit pick but why bother when the rest of it is so much fun.

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Well I finally got around to watching the rest of the series and my conclusion was it was just okay.  Again Royalle is by far the best characters in the series and if the show followed him I'd be all in. 


Walker's storyline was part of the problem.  I liked cop Christian but mopey Christian not so much, hopefully next season will follow up on him finally accepting he doesn't have powers.  Not a fan of how much they sidelined Deena as well.  But since Walker wasn't really much of a cop I guess the cop stuff had to stay in the background much to the show's detriment. 


The worst of it was Callista though.  She was not a good actress, I hated how she just flitted between all of the main story lines without actually providing any characterization.  She was kind of just there and the whole Chaotic Chic thing made little sense.  I kind of hope she's not coming back as she was such a cipher except for just wanting powers.


The Chaotic Chic thing was also a low point.  I liked the idea of people hating powers but kid himself wasn't all that interesting and killing off Retro Girl seemed like a huge mistake (even just because Forbes and Izzard were some of the few actors who actually were interesting).  Chic herself was kind over the top and yet was barely in the show and it kind of brought down the story further.


That said, I did like Zora's story and I'm looking forward to see where they take her going forward.  But overall I was kind of underwhelmed by the show especially after watching Daredevil which managed to pack in so much more everything while Powers seemed to meander despite only having 10 episodes. 

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I haven't finished out the episodes yet (just finished out Devil in a Garbage Bag I think) , but I am really hoping they do something with the Deena Pilgrim character.  There needs to be more about why she has such a chip on her shoulder.  Is it because her dad is the big wig?  Did something happen to her mom?  Did she want powers but they never showed?  She seems like a shell of a character, much like the rest of them. 


So far Calista is a waste of air time.  I sure hope there is more to why she latches onto everyone that shows her any attention and boy I actually hope it turns out she is just a wannabe for life.  There is nothing that would make me happier than for her to have to say "I don't have powers."


Walker has the most character development yet he's boring.  How is that? 

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I binged on the rented DVD's and enjoyed the show. As mentioned above, the special effects were rough. Triphammer's "armor" looked like the kind of Iron Man Halloween costume your mom would make if she had never seen the movie and just used her imagination. The storyline was good, Johnny Royalle and Wolfe were interesting. The one thing the show really nailed was the premise that Powers would be treated as celebrities if they existed. If the Kardashians can be famous for essentially doing nothing, Powers that can lift a car or teleport would be in the news every day.

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I don't understand the aging thing.  They looked like they were in their early 20's when they moved into a loft with a huge flat screen tv, so that should place it in the mid '00s, but a decade later Christian and Johnny looked to be in their mid 40s?  Christian says he looks the way he does because he lost his power but Johnny also aged even though powers don't age like other people.  Retro girl has apparently looked the same since at least 1982?  I feel like I just watched season 2 of Heroes.

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