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S02.E05: No Eggspectations

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When Kara suggests a live installment of Talk Back for Mary Jane's special series on Modern-day Motherhood, neither of them is prepared for the news Dr. Marrs delivers. Meanwhile, Cameron tries to get back into Niecy's life.  PJ is offered a business opportunity.


Unofficial thread starter here, but I think this is the latest episode--anyone want to talk about this show anymore?  I really enjoy it--and I also hurl a lot of stuff at my tv while I watch.


Mary Jane's so trendy as the unlikeable lead character of her own show.  I wonder if she knows Meredith Grey and Alicia Florrick?


If I showed up with blueprints AND the land for a development, I would think that was enough for me to "bring to the table."


Shug did a good job with Neicy this week.



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See I actually really don't like Alicia Florrick at all.


Mary Jane (and Meredith Grey, from what I sort of remember) are flawed, yes, but I do really enjoy watching her (them?).  I barely remember Grey's Anatomy but I know I loved watching it (I couldn't handle the dismembered hospital victims, people being blown to smithereens, poles going through their bodies, etc.)


So to me that's the difference... I don't know if I find MJ likeable per se but I do enjoy the hell out of watching her.  

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