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Secret Identities: The Cast in Other Roles

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Is it weird that so many singers have been connected to this non-musical show?

Jordan Fisher singing a song from Dear Evan Hansen with the cast of DEH on Good Morning America today:



BTW, Jordan was also in Work It, with fellow speedster Keiynan.

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Elsie Fest is back (Aug. 29), and Jordan Fisher (Bart) is one of the featured performers.



Also Keiynan Lonsdale booked a lead role in a rom-com: 'LGBTQ Rom-Com ‘My Fake Boyfriend’'


Lionsgate and BuzzFeed have set the LGBTQ romantic comedy My Fake Boyfriend as the partnership’s second production, with the film to star Keiynan Lonsdale, Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland.

Directed by Rose Troche (The Safety of Objects, The L Word), the film follows a young man (Lonsdale) who, on the advice of his best friend (Sprouse) creates a fake, social media boyfriend to keep his ex-lover out of his life. The plan backfires when he meets the real love of his life, and breaking up with his fake boyfriend proves hard to do.


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This article talks a bit about the film, Re: Uniting, which stars Michelle Harrison and Jesse L. Martin (there's also a photo of both on set); but it's mostly about the director. It also mentions that Carmen Moore (Kramer) has a role in the film.

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Candice Patton will be participating in the Standup 2 Cancer televised special:



Stand Up To Cancer® (SU2C) has added more star power to THE LINEUP of its seventh biennial roadblock televised fundraising special. Celebrities lending their support to help raise funds for cancer research include Alison Sweeney, Candice Patton, Cecily Strong, Chandra Wilson, Ciara, Deon Cole, Ed Helms, Italia Ricci, Jaime Camil, Jennifer Garner, Kate Del Castillo, Kyle MacLachlan, Matthew McConaughey, Max Greenfield, Michael Peña, and Tony and October Gonzalez, and Tony Hale.

This year's show will air on Saturday, Aug. 21, at 8 p.m. EDT/PDT | 7 p.m. CDT.


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There's more info about the film Grant did over the hiatus in this interview (which I think the movie filmed in June/July):


... Gustin was in Victoria, British Columbia, filming a movie for Netflix called Rescued by Ruby, a true story about a Rhode Island state trooper wanting to be a part of the K-9 Unit who meets an unwanted dog, and well, we have ourselves a tearjerker of a film.

“It’s a really sweet underdog story about Ruby who was a shelter dog and Daniel O’Neil who is a Rhode Island state trooper,” says Gustin. “Daniel had always wanted to be a canine officer, even though he’s qualified for all these other types of specialties as a police officer, but he had struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and attention issues at times, hasn’t always been the best reader, wasn’t necessarily the right temperament for the canine unit but had just always felt that that was where he belonged.

“Ruby has been returned like five times and was going to be put down because she was deemed ‘unmanageable’ and couldn’t be adopted. And right at the last minute, Daniel adopts her. A shelter dog had never made the canine unit on this police force and yes the underdog story of them trying to make the unit together and eventually becoming heroes in their own right and making each other’s lives better.” The film will be directed by Sundance Grand Jury prize nominee Katt Shea (Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase and Poison Ivy films) adapted from two short stories by Squire Rushnell and Louise DuArt, Ruby: A Dogwink Story and Dogwink Ruby. Rushnell and DuArt will also serve as producers along with Dan Angel, Jane Charles, and Brian Gott. Netflix is aiming to air Ruby in early 2022.


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Apparently Grant and Chris Wood did a short film together (sometime last winter??). Someone found the listing in the Rhode Island International Film Festival in August.




Chris Wood United States | English | 2021 | 12min | Color

Two brothers go for a hike in the snow and confront their issues... in the most backwards way possible. Shot in a single take.

Cast & Crew

Director - Chris Wood

Producer - Chris Wood

Cast - Grant Gustin, Chris Wood

Screenplay - Chris Wood




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Jordan Fisher (Bart) was a presenter at the Tony Awards last night:




In 'cast in the same roles' news; John Wesley Shipp's guest appearance (as ... The Flash) on Stargirl will be on October 5.

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Jordan Fisher talks about his voice role in Star Wars: Visions in these two interviews:



Fisher’s episode is “The Elder,” a fascinating master/student story featuring performances from David Harbour (Stranger Things) and the iconic James Hong (Kung Fu Panda). Fisher plays Dan, a young Padawan on the rise, who is sent with Tajin to explore the Outer Rim. Tajin has a strong connection with the Force and Dan is eager to prove himself as they face off against a mysterious Elder who has lured them to a mountaintop.  


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Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Michelle Harrison, and John Wesley Shipp will be performing as part of a benefit fundraiser in February. More info here: https://www.wayblaze.com/fundable_projects/pekaproject/


An Exclusive Live Performance

Academy Award winner, Tony winner, and Pulitzer Prize winner John Patrick Shanley and a stellar cast of ten actors have joined the PEKA PROJECT to create a virtual live fundraiser presentation: actors will perform scenes from the film and theatre work of John Patrick Shanley - spanning his career.

After each scene, the audience will have chance to interact with the writer and cast via a live Q&A session.

Ten actors. Five scenes. The writer. An audience of fans. All virtual.

All for the Children of Lesotho. AMAZING!

Event Details

The event, 'An Evening of Scenes from Shanley', is a one-off exclusive virtual presentation that will be held on Zoom on Saturday, February 12th (5pm - 7pm EST | 2pm - 4pm PST).


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Grant's film, Rescued by Ruby, will premiere on Netflix March 17:



State trooper Dan (Grant Gustin) dreams of joining the K-9 Search & Rescue team, but no one will give him the chance. Shelter dog Ruby dreams of having a home, but is running out of hope. When fate brings Dan and Ruby together, it’s their unshakable bond that helps them face their toughest challenge yet. Based on a true story. Based on the short stories Ruby: A Dogwink Story and Dogwink Ruby by SQuire Rushnell & Louise DuArt

WRITER: Karen Janszen
PRODUCERS: Dan Angel, Brain Gott, Jane Charles
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: SQuire Rushnell, Louise DuArt
CAST: Grant Gustin, Scott Wolf


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Another article about the real-life inspiration for Rescued by Ruby:


Netflix is trying to tug at the heartstrings of dog lovers everywhere with Rescued by Ruby.

In the movie, streaming now, The Flash star Grant Gustin plays Dan, a state trooper who keeps unsuccessfully applying to the state police's K-9 team. Until, that is, he meets a shelter puppy called Ruby.

All very touching stuff for fans of man's best friend. But what sets Rescued by Ruby apart from movies such as Marley and Me, A Dog's Purpose and A Dog's Journey (amazingly, they are different films) is that it is based on a true story, with the events occurring in Rhode Island in 2011.


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A few of The Flash writers wrote the last two issues of the Earth-Prime comic mini-series; Jess Carson and Emily Palizzi for #5 - The Flash, and Jeff Hersh and Thomas Pound for #6 - Crossover.

The stories are supposed to be the characters from the TV shows, and canon for the TV universe.

There's also supposed to be 'bonus material' from the casts; but that info isn't available yet.

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Patrick Sabongui (Capt. Singh) was in last week's episode of Kung Fu, Season 2, episode 9, "The Enclave".


A clip of Gaslit with Carlos where he speaks some Spanish:


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I think this was discussed elsewhere, but not here; Jesse L. Martin has the lead role in NBC's pilot for ‘The Irrational’. The pilot is supposed to be filming later this month.

[ETA:] According to that article, Martin will also be a producer; so more than one upgrade.

The latest news: http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2022/05/16/nbc-builds-on-strong-fall-schedule-with-the-addition-of-new-series-quantum-leap-and-lopez-vs-lopez-to-its-winning-lineup-202114/20220516nbc01/


As part of NBC's rolling pilot process, the following projects have been picked up to pilot with decisions yet to be made on series greenlights: "Blank Slate," "Found," "Irrational," "Unbroken" and an untitled drama from Mike Daniels. With NBC's 52-week scheduling strategy, these pilots - if picked up to series - could be possibilities for later in the 2022-23 season or could roll over to the 2023-24 season.

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Carlos Valdes will be in a musical rom-com series for Hulu!



Valdes will play Miguel. Sensitive and thoughtful, with an artistic sensibility and a romantic streak, Miguel has always struggled with the feeling that he doesn’t quite belong. But after a cataclysmic break-up, Miguel has decided to reinvent himself, burying his feelings and ditching a promising career as a video game concept artist for the lucrative world of investment banking, determined never to get hurt again.

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Jesse L Martin is the new host of How It Really Happened on HLN:


On Sunday, August 28 at 9pm ET, HLN's Original Series How It Really Happened with Jesse L. Martin launches its seventh season with a two-hour comprehensive look at the baffling case of The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The popular series, hosted by actor and singer Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order, RENT, The Flash), delves into some of the most notorious crimes, mysteries, trials, and celebrity tragedies of our time, with extensive interviews and footage from CNN's vast news archives.


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'... Danielle Nicolet Set For Indie ‘The Life Of Me’'


Danielle Nicolet (The Flash) has signed on to star in the indie The Life of Me, written and to be directed by Ty Manns.

The film follows a real estate mogul who walks away from his fortune to find self-fulfillment, true friendship and real love. Nicolet will play Kennedy, who lives in a small town that was devastated by the pandemic’s economic impacts. ...


She already finished filming according to an instagram post by Nicolet: https://www.instagram.com/p/CiBB_75gqAc/

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Prompted by a Twitter trend checking up on "box girls", Candice revealed that she was previously a hair model; she did have an instagram post but she deleted it.

Heh- I've seen that box!

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