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Secret Identities: The Cast in Other Roles

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They really should do another music-themed episode.... I could see Grant doing something on Broadway once the show is done.

3 hours ago, Trini said:

And he also sang "Runnin' Home to You"; will try and find a video of that.

Anyway, this is the best video I've come across - although it cuts off the end of the song, and there's a lot of yelling from the audience in the audio.

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'Tom Felton on His New YouTube Sci-Fi Thriller'


What draws you to projects that involve the fantasy/sci-fi genres?
As an actor, any opportunity to step out of your own shoes and be something very different is always appealing. I think my worst job would be to play myself.

I don’t want to say it’s something that I target. It’s not something that I specifically hunt for, but the richness of the worlds that are created in fantasy are so exciting. Origin is more of a sci-fi thriller. This is far more close to home, I think, than Hogwarts is, but it’s still exciting.

Is going on an out-of-this-world ride something that your fans have come to expect for you?
I couldn’t speak for them, to be honest with you. I know I always get a very warm response when I go to Comic-Con, and I think, because there is a bit of a thread, isn’t there? Yeah, I suppose the Harry Potter fans often coincide with The Flash fans or Planet of the Apes fans.

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So Matt Letscher (spelling?) was also the bad guy (one of them) in The Mask of Zorro?  I happened to catch part of it and was like - ohhhhhhh!!!  Wow.  He was really good as "Captain LikesToChopUpHisVictimsAndEmbalmThemInJars".

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This is more crew than cast; 'Malaysian cinematographer behind ‘The Flash’ recalls fond childhood memories in Bentong'


His photography work for three seasons of The Flash paid off when it caught the eye of director Robert Zemeckis who was looking for someone to photograph Welcome to Marwen.

The film, which premieres in the US on December 21, stars Steve Carrell, Leslie Mann, Diane Kruger and Janelle Monae is based on the real-life story of a man who builds a miniature village to help cope with a violent assault which rendered him an amnesiac.

“My responsibility is to photograph the film in a way that best approximates the Director’s intended vision and tells the visual aspect of the story in a way that is transparent and unselfconscious.

“[Robert’s] imagination, focus and dedication to telling the story are superhuman. He’s been an inspiration to me for my entire life. Forrest Gump is one of my favourite films of all time, as are Cast Away, Contact and the Back to the Future trilogy,” he said.

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'Rick Cosnett To Star In ‘The Wrong Husband’'


Rick Cosnett, who has appeared on CW’s The Vampire Diaries and The Flash as well as ABC’s Quantico, will star in The Wrong Husband, an indie film directed by Ben Meyerson.

It follows Melanie who, one day, notices that her husband Derrick is… different. And her hunch is right. Derrick is not Derrick – he’s Alex, Derrick’s identical twin, back to steal the life that was once rightfully his.

Cosnett will play both Derrick and Alex, identical twins who were separated as children, and their personalities couldn’t be more different. Derrick is a kind and caring man, while Alex is the other side of the same coin.

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1 minute ago, adora721 said:

Remember "Scott", "Iris'" former CCPN editor/boss in S2? Tone Bell is now on the comedy "The Fam" on CBS co-starring Nina Dobrev.

Saw that. Good for him. Definitely a better role. I think the ratings are okay so CBS is likely to renew it.

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4 hours ago, adora721 said:

Don't know if this counts as being cast in other roles, but Tom Felton (and others) is making himself available for cameo videos to whoever is willing to purchase his time: https://www.cameo.com/t22felton

ETA: And so is Rick Cosnett: https://www.cameo.com/rickcosnett


I thought that Tom Felton was looking for work when he tweeted about missing Julian on The Flash. Acting is a tough business full of ups and downs as Geoffrey Owens will attest to. A steady tv gig is good work.

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6 minutes ago, SimoneS said:

I thought that Tom Felton was looking for work when he tweeted about missing Julian on The Flash. Acting is a tough business full of ups and downs as Geoffrey Owens will attest to. A steady tv gig is good work.


If you look through the spate of people, you'll find fairly big names on there, young and old. I watched one of Tom's vids and I was disappointed that he didn't clean himself up a bit for it. He was looking quite disheveled, which just rubbed me the wrong way and seemed unprofessional for a short video that cost someone $444!

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