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S05.E09: You Can Call Me Al

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I just love all the characters Fred and Carrie create. Dave and Kath were great at the Q&A, voice lessons, and karaoke party. Jeff Goldblum is always a pleasure to see. Oh, and it struck me that Paul Simon now reminds me of William Shatner. Weird.


I like Vanessa Bayer, and she did a great job here. The horror at the post office was very funny, though I always have a good experience at the POs I visit. The sound system installers Fred and Carried played were so funny. Loved Fred slapping his arms, belly, and whatever to test the acoustics. I also loved the little visual joke when Fred goes to the van to look for a cable -- He opens the back door, stares for several seconds, then closes it.


"… and the home… of my… Dave."

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This episode needed more Paul Simon.

"Bone digger, bone digger!" Love the other couple who stole their song.

There was a sign at the post office that said something like: "Please don't tell us about your stamp ideas." Love that and I'm not sure why.

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The post office experiences shown in this episode I've actually seen happen to others while standing in a looooong line so I had a good giggle.


Love, love, loved this episode for the reasons you all have already posted but can this week's ep really be the season finale?? Say it ain't so!

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