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Season 6 Speculation WITH Spoilers (US)

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This topic shall be for US and other "waiting" viewers going forward. The speculation should be based on traditional spoilers (promos, articles, leaked photos). If you have already seen episodes in the UK, speculation about the rest of the season should go in the Speculation WITH Spoilers (UK) topic that I am about to start.

Once episodes begin airing in the US, this topic will turn into a "speculate about the rest of the season" topic.

PM me with any questions.

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I don't feel like the swipes came out of nowhere this past episode. Edith flat out told Mary in front of Tom and Rose that everyone else was getting on with their lives with the exception of Mary and seemed amused by it. I got the impression that this is what Mary was upset about. It was only after Edith's comment that Mary made the comment about being left alone with Edith that has received so much attention. 


Thankfully it looks as though both Edith and Mary have love interests on the horizon for season 6 so I don't think they'll be sniping at each other as much next season.


Regarding season 6 and Henry Talbot, I will love Julian Fellowes forever if he finds a way to make a reference to the Talbot-Careys thus connecting Downton with Upstairs Downstairs.


Regarding the General Strike as I'm almost certain it's going to come up--

Does anyone have any thoughts as to the jobs the upstairs characters might take? Will Edith be a bus or taxi driver for a time? Will Robert try to be a police officer? Mary a ticket collector? Will they just ignore it or only talk about it? Will the servants take part at all? Will Tom?


I really want Mary to need Edith for something, and be unable to get her to come home, or for Edith to come home, Mary to serenely assume that Edith will stay with her forever, and Edith to leave, reminding her that she didn't want to be left alone with her. It was Edith, who asked to be friends when Sybil died, and Mary who refused. Every so often Edith used to reach out, but Mary always sniped at her and put her down. I'd like to see Edith happy.

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It is the most sensible, yet romantic ending at the same time. I wonder how deep in the season it will take for us to know if it's happening or not happening.  Or will it be a CS surprise, which feels too sudden?  Of course, the problem of not doing Tom/Mary is that it's the relationship that has been built up since even season 3.  It's the most organic of all of Mary's possible couplings.  


Now, we have Henry Talbot, who they probably desperately needed a known actor like Matthew Goode to bypass organic storytelling.  



Andorra, what board did you mean when an insider noted the lack of talk about Tom's story and that there should be?  


I disagree. I think Edith and Tom would be better. And Edith does have some self esteem when people around her aren't constantly tearing her down. Tom might fall in love with Edith. She's progressive, brave, and vulnerable, and politically agrees with Tom. Mary was going to marry the first man Edith loved, and that man drowned. Then Edith was going to marry an older man, and Mary had a part in making him question the marriage and ultimately leave Edith at the altar. Robert had an even larger role, and Granny wasn't entirely innocent either. Mary then showed absolute indifference when the love of Edith's life died. Mary has always "known" that any man would choose her over Edith, and most of them have.


For that reason, I would like to see a man choose Edith over Mary. I would love it if Tom came back, if both girls assumed he was courting Mary, and then he proposed to Edith, perhaps after acquiring and losing an American love interest first.

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What of Dr. Clarkson? What is his Grey Eminence left to hope for in this series? I doubt it will be Isobel; she's just too prickly for him. Maybe he'll move to London, start a practice there, and take care of all Lady Edith's contraceptive needs. May there be many!

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