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S06.E30: The Diary

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Jake's son TV discovers a lost diary and sets out to solve a decades-old mystery.


Be advised that the episode will run at 7 p.m., as opposed to 7:30.


ETA: That was weird. Jake's slacker son TV finds a diary, and he gets way too into it. There's wild speculation, intense imagination scenes, and a crab hand. Oh, and Lady Rainicorn is involved, so knowing a little Korean helps. I kinda liked how TV figured the statue of limitations had long expired, giving him carte blanche to go through another person's secrets.

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I was sure that "P.B." would turn out to be Princess Bubblegum.


But it wasn't PB, it was BP.


Also Bubblegum is like a bazillion years old (despite her claims to be 19). Any diary that she had written in her (actual) teen years probably would've decomposed entirely.


Anyway, yeah that was weird.

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