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S03.E07: Pauline's Story

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On 2/27/2015 at 0:04 AM, Micks Picks said:

Sacramento where she lived had a very small, like 6 stools and a couple of tables with the world's second best hamburger called TheSqueezeInn.  At lunch there was a huge line picking up pre-orders to go.   So it hit the papers that a disability violation had been filed because it was a hard fit.  Turned out to be a super fat woman who was in cahoots with a lawyer and she was paid to do this.  SqueezeInn could not do renovations they wanted because there was no room.  She could have used the patio in the back, but she wanted inn.  So they had to pay a fortune for a new location but people in Sacramento are still bitching about it.  Someone found out the name of fat woman and posted a picture of her house.  There wasn't even a ramp up the few steps at her house so she must have been able move well enough without the "monster" to physically climb those steps.  I was thinking this Pauline is big enough and brazen enough to do this.

Sorry for quoting something said a long time ago, but I'm new here.

I live in Sacramento and I remember when that happened. They moved to another location but they brought part of the old building with them and used it to make a booth in the new dining room.

I can't believe I never thought of that though! It probably was Pauline. :P Geez. And apparently that person was going around Sac just LOOKING for other places to sue? I never knew that. :/

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I revisited Pauline's story this afternoon and I had even less sympathy for her this time than I did the first time I watched the episode. What a horrible woman. I can't help thinking the nastiness on her inside was manifesting itself in her misshapen flesh. She didn't give a damn about the fact that she was relying so much on her son for pretty much everything, despite what she said. I really don't know what someone like Pauline wants from life. Maybe she'll be reincarnated as a cat and she can live the dream of just sleeping and eating day after day.

People like Pauline really make me angry. A friend of mine recently died after a long battle with ALS. She had been confined to a wheelchair for the last six years of her life. Towards the end, she was unable to eat or drink anything and relied on a feeding tube for nutrients. But she never complained and whenever I saw her, she was smiling. I hope where she is now, she is enjoying all the things that were denied her because of that terrible disease.

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I've been watching a few episodes now and then on TLC on weekend mornings and caught this episode today.  There isn't much I can say that others haven't already said (I read this thread before I decided to comment), but I did have to laugh when Pauline was doing her 'physical therapy' in the swimming pool.  She did a voiceover about how swimming was such a great exercise because it uses every muscle in your body.  This was while she was standing without moving her legs/feet at all and slowly moving her arms back and forth in the water.  (And I did notice that although she is barefoot in almost all other scenes -- even ones where she puts her pink 'toesies' -- ugh! -- on the dirty parking lot asphalt she was wearing socks when she walked down the ramp into the pool.)

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