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From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

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23 hours ago, Chaos Theory said:

Having Kate end up with Seth and Richard is as close to a happy ending for her as the show is capable of.  There really isn't much else except her going off with her brother or her becoming a Ranger both would seem exceptionally hollow.  Kate is one of those examples of "can't go home again".   It was actually a fun ending for the show and I did appreciate it. 

I agree that with Kate that she can't go home again.  I do think that with both Richie and Kate that there could have been multiple scenarios where it could have been construed as a happy ending for them.  But Seth only had one and the one we got was it.  So I think they went with the ending they did because it was the ending that overlapped everyone's happiness.

I was happy that if the show had to end that this is how it ended.

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I just binge-watched all three seasons over the weekend. I had no idea they made the movie into a TV show until it popped up on Netflix. The first season was ok but also weird because it stretched a relatively short movie into a 10 hour season. The second season was hit or miss for me, I agree that the show worked best when the brothers play off each other. The third season was ridiculous but still entertaining, despite the actress playing Kate/Amaru really not having the range. DJ Cotrona looked damn fine the longer the show went on too. I thought the third season finale was kind of stupid (Kate decides to become the Bonnie to the Geckos' Clyde? Richie can rob banks in broad daylight without special UV protection? OK?) but the gun battle in the abandoned town was pretty cool. Campy and utterly ridiculous but cool. 

I wouldn't have minded a fourth season, I was digging the monster of the week direction the show went in during the third season. I also felt like there was a good dose of humor and acknowledgment of the ridiculousness of the show while all the actors were still game.

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I might just be talking to myself in this forum at this point since I only just now saw this show but I just want to point out how fine both of them are. Although, Richie was way more of a psycho in the first season and I felt conflicted being so attracted to a character that was so repugnant. But Zane Holtz...wow. What a face. Same thing with DJ Cotrona. He is pretty, especially when they let him grow out that Clooney '96 haircut and gave him the neck tattoo.

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