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LIVE CHAT: SNL 40th Anniversary Special

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A place to comment live during the airing of The SNL 40th Anniversary Special. Topic will open shortly before the SNL 40th Red Carpet Special begins, and will close shortly after the Anniversary Special ends. Continued discussion of the show will go in the episode topic, S40.E00: The 40th Anniversary Special
Regarding spoilers - if you aren't watching live, you enter this topic at your own risk. Spoiler tags are not required and should not be used here. Also, there will be some time that the East and West coast show overlaps, so things may seem familiar to the East Coast posters for awhile. Please be understanding.
The Social Contract is in effect here. Disagreement is allowed. Civility is required. Infractions will be deleted without warning.
Thank you all, and enjoy the show!

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Palin doesn't even bother me anymore; I'm glad she is showing up with her spray on tan and big 80's hair with the 90's blonde streaks.  She's a joke and media whore, she fits in here more than at a political convention.


If anyone catches a glimpse of Fiona Apple in the background please let me know.  I'm a stan.  I can't believe she came out of hiding for this, even though I know sh'es friends with a comedy people from Largo, did some uncreditted writing for Portlandia, and she's close to Paul Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph and occasionally is their houseguest.  I always get so nervous about her weight: I hope she looks healthy.

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I do like that even the Doumanian years aren't being ignored. Not a fan, but it was part of the history. Too bad Charles Rocket is dead, too. I think he was a casualty of the upheaval, but I do think he was a funny guy, more AFTER SNL, but still.

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Well, it's more like 17 years and change of great material, but who's counting?


More like 10 years great material and then the same sketch that gets a few laughs over and over and over and over.

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Did I hear the return of Celebrity Jeopardy? With Eddie Murphy around I'm praying that Buckwheat or Gumby is involved.


Well, wasn't Buckwheat assassinated?  :-P  (I recall Murphy got tired of him or something and Buckwheat got offed!)

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