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S05.E19: Out, Damned Spot

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I'm kind of over the whole "Hanna the Genius" thing. I just don't buy it, it's not enjoyable to watch, and it's one of the least realistic plots of this season, which is saying a bit. I'm almost glad that Tom is a jerk, because it thwarts Hanna with her fake! intelligence! while my heart aches for Spencer.


Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I simply could. not. with all these people saying "the church" instead of "church." Maybe it's a regional thing, but I live in PA and it would be the weirdest thing to have people saying "I stopped at the church" or "the ladies from the church." And they said it multiple times, with different characters saying it. I don't know if it's come up before, but it was jarring as heck. To put it in perspective for those of you who aren't churchgoers, consider someone talking about how they're finishing their last year of "the college" and how their favorite food is "the pizza."


Didn't think of how Spencer and Aria are basically palling around with the male versions of each other, but that's funny. I did let out a sparia-squee with the phone call between the two, that was sweet.

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P. S. When Ashley said she was going to take care of the small financial troubles they are having, we were all thinking "So, which old lady are you going to rob this time?", right?

Pretty much. Hey, just imagine the possibilities if she marries Ted. Pastor's wife has to have access, right?

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Mike, shirtless, pumping iron in his bedroom.... Sorry, I lost my train of thought there for a minute.  Anyway, he's making mysterious cash withdrawals and meeting with shady characters who are using pseudonyms.  He had one vial of blood in the refrigerator, not all 3 that A showed up with.  My guess is he's procuring steroids.


1.  Somehow he learns of a supplier who unfortunately is in jail.

2.  Under the guise of visiting Alison, he actually visits this supplier.

3.  The supplier sets him up with someone who is working for him on the outside, who coincidentally happens to be Cyrus.

4.  For sciency reasons that won't make sense, the supplier needs a vial of Mike's blood.  It'll probably be some BS "specially tailored to your genome so it won't show up on standard PED testing" steroids.

5.  Mike delivered his blood and some cash to get the process started.

6.  A few episodes in the future, one or more of the girls will follow him when he goes to get the product, and discover that this is another red herring completely unrelated to the A plot.  "If Mike didn't steal our blood, WHO DID?" Dun dun DUN.


I guess they don't even have to make up some BS super-steroids;  the whole thing could be a scam.  "We need your blood [snicker] to make these undetectable steroids [chortle]", and all he gets for his trouble is half a dozen episodes of suspicious behavior and a bottle of saline.


In other news, Andrew, who should have been working out shirtless with Mike, was obviously fishing for info about Aria's relationship status because he wants to hit that.  I didn't think that Aria asked Andrew for help, so much as accepted his offer to shut him up and keep him from maybe busting her for cheating, though she did seem oblivious to the fact that he was hitting on her. 


I realize this is Rosewood and the police are completely incompetent, but the blood A was placing on Mona's clothes would be obviously planted.  Samples like that have preservatives that would be detected by a minimally competent lab.  Then again, see previous comment about the Rosewood PD.


Talia can go away.

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Echoing those above who find this Talia storyline tedious. Why did Emily just accept that? If Talia's spouse were a woman but they'd fallen out of love and stay married "because they're best friends" would that be okay with Emily? It made no sense. They could have easily done the same bait-and-switch but have it be a green-card marriage or something where Talia had to marry her best dude friend to keep him in the country or something. That would be an acceptable explanation, I think. But "we just haven't bothered to get divorced because we're scared" is not what you want your new girlfriend telling you.


Also, isn't Talia technically in a position of authority over Emily, or do I misunderstand the Ezra's Magical Books n Brews Shop hierarchy? (Yes, I realize this show thinks adults in positions of authority over teenagers are really hot when they date those teens, but can't they stop introducing new ones?)


Almost every show I watch with high school students has the same stupid "Your family can't afford to/won't pay for your entire tuition and living expenses outright so you have no choice but to go to community college" plot. Good grief. Get loans. 

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Why did Emily just accept that? If Talia's spouse were a woman but they'd fallen out of love and stay married "because they're best friends" would that be okay with Emily? It made no sense.



I just realized I might not have the same interpretation as most of you. I totally think the "my husband is my best friend" thing is complete bullshit. If the guy is just her best friend and nothing more, then why not get a divorce and remain, you know, friends with the guy? 


There was nothing about the conversation between Talia and Emily that made me think she's a lesbian. I paid very close attention to her wording and what I got from it is that she's bisexual and by being with both Emily and her husband, she's having her cake and eating it. So you can imagine how extremely confused I was that Emily could be okay with going along with this.


I predict Emily stumbling upon them having a very steamy encounter or Talia inviting her to a threesome or something. Absolutely terrible bisexual representation perpetuating the "bisexuals are just greedy" cliche, but there you go.


Bottom line is that Emily should never have agreed to be involved with Talia while she's married. But I guess these girls have got to act like teenagers some of the time.

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Because it can't be said enough, Hanna's dad is a jackass and he should be ashamed of himself and I hope Kate fails out of Dartmouth--there I said it :)


I liked what Ezra said to Hanna about taking strange jobs to help pay your own way through school and there are always loans, grants and scholarships.  I have to admit that I'm kind of looking forward to the beauty pagent because I'll bet all four of our girls will be there and we'll get an A sighting :)


Mike's kind of cracking me up with his menacing demeanor and lurking outside of Spencer's house.


I miss Caleb.

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I think the writers are justifying Emily's willingness to be with Talia even though Talia's married with the whole "Well, I've got secrets too [and they're far far worse, involving one resurrected ex-love interest, one almost murdered ex-girlfriend, one really murdered ex-girlfriend, plus one guy I killed ... and a lot of this is related to the fact that I have an omniscient stalker]."  But I agree - there are multiple icky elements, of which the age difference is the least of them, for me - Talia being married *and* in some kind of supervisory work role are worse, and I don't understand why the show is going there.

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Its not even original anymore now that 97 adults in authority positions have hookedup with with these girls. Come on, pll, be more creative.

I agree with whoever above was sad that the pll's arent sharing. Maybe they dont want to burden the group with their problems, but I miss them talking to eachother about non-A things. 

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