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S01.E14: The Fearsome Doctor Crane

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I went back and watched the part where Maroni puts Oswald in the car, around the 29 minute mark.  Oswald grabs the inside door handle after the door shuts and tries to open it, but can't get the door to open more than an inch.  He's still rattling the door when the scene cuts back to him at the 31.5 min mark.

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If that final scene is supposed to give way to an actual fight... c'mon, the Pirate is probably more than twice Fish's weight and looks to be nearly pure muscle. And he's (presumably) got all his pirate friends with him.

They just shot Captain HighLiner dead. Unless Captain Sparrow wants to pick up where Bob (the dead torturer) left off, there is no reason for hand to hand combat with Fish.

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When they had the scene with Gordon and the doctor and she was trying to get him to kiss her, he should have mentioned something about how all those other cops already hate him, and if they see him kissing someone who looks like her, they will just despise him. 

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Pull the drowning victim to the surface first, then cut them free of their bonds, Harvey.

Oh,  very true.  Plus you probably don't want to dive into a pool wearing your gun and your shoes, but I kind of handwaved it along in comic book tradition.

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I'm glad we're seeing roadblocks in Penguin's progress to the top, but it seems so disjointed. In the first half of his Season, his rise seemed irresistible: now it seems they can't give him enough problems (until last week's episode, he was on the inside with all the major Crime Bosses: now his cover is blown with everyone except Falcone and of limited use to him). It would have been better to have Penguin hit and overcome a few problems earlier rather than putting them all in now.


Mister Glass I’m starting to think Kristin is as off as Ed.  Was she in mourning?



It seemed that way to me. I can definitely see her becoming The Riddler's version of Harley Quinn (whether that's a good idea is another matter).


ratgirlagogo  Plus you probably don't want to dive into a pool wearing your gun and your shoes


Hey, he did take off his hat! Though as others have said, her immediate problem is that she can't breathe (you could just stand up to get her out of the water!) not that she's tied up. Priorities, man!


Lantern7 Speaking of teasing. ..  .why do I have the feeling that she and the pirate know each other, and the "running into each other" setup will wind up being bullcrap?


I was half expecting the soundtrack to go "MORTAL KOMBAT! Fight!"


ETA: I have to admit, "The Fearsome Dr Crane" made me think of Frasier, too - and bear in mind, both Niles and Frasier have played Criminal Masterminds (of a sort!) on The Simpsons.

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Bit late to comment on season 1, but just started a binge watch.


I like Bruce, but his behavior towards Jim was unconscionable, and Alfred showed terrible judgement in not calling him out on it. Alfred or Jim should have ripped the kid a new one, and along the way let him know that:


A) As one of the few honest police officers in Gotham, he would have investigated the case regardless of any promise to the great Bruce Wayne

B) Some murders with much more evidence than this one take YEARS to solve, and not due to lack of trying

C) Keeping Bruce in the loop was a favor/courtesy on Jim's part, but not to worry--Jim won't make that mistake again

D) A reminder that as brilliant and focused as Bruce is, he is still just 12 (or 13?) years old, and that maybe, just maybe, an adult homicide detective just might have more skill and life experience when it comes to crime
E) Dismissing Jim as though he was an underling or servant was flat out rude

F) Treating other people with contempt/arrogance is not a great way to go through life-it does take people skills as well 


Alfred is apparently only skilled at toughening Bruce up and doesn't seem aware that there are there are other areas where he could use some work.   Of course, I am only up to episode 14, so perhaps their relationship changes in future episodes.


Harvey's crush on the phobia doctor was rather endearing.

Penguin's nickname should be cockroach--I firmly believe that he could survive a nuclear holocaust.

Where is Butch?

Agree with everyone that there is no real need for Barbara to come back.

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