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Ellen's Design Challenge

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On 6/3/2021 at 10:03 PM, TVbitch said:

I do think they favored him once he made that tall narrow cabinet with the yellow gold glass plate in it, which, I don't even know what you would possibly use that for ...but it was pretty. 


On 6/3/2021 at 8:19 PM, Bad Example said:

Eh... I didn't think either of the final collections were all that original.   

Mark's table and couch screamed "You'll love it at Levitz!" circa 1982.  I have seen those shapes a million times.  

And like was said, someone's going to kill themselves on Arielle's raw-edge table.  

Overall... I felt like Mark was somehow the Chosen One long before the end.  Something fell apart nearly every week, his piece that was supposed to transition didn't even move, and some kid was going to get a concussion when the hammock on the swing-set collapsed.  What was with that swing set, anyway?  Yeah, it looked great.  But it was just a swing set.  It was pretty, but wasn't interesting. 


I can't get over that the guy whose shit broke every week is the winner of a design competition. It kind of makes the whole thing a joke.

The only thing that I got from the finale was that Bridgette is rich and has a beautiful house.

Both the collections were extremely underwhelming. They just both mostly went with current trends that you can see in any design magazine.

As a side note...I will give those inflatable about a month before one or more pops or gets busted at the Foley house. 


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I just binged watched over the holiday - I think Mark greatly benefited by being in the same workroom with Arielle. Her presence and her work that he saw upped his output/work. 

I think she would've won if they'd been in their own workshops.

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