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Dave Sanderson

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After watching S2 for the second time, I was happily surprised by how much I adored Dave. He was low key in a way that provided a nice counterbalance to Leslie's manic energy, yet not bland IMO---he had an endearingly odd and surprisingly amusing way about him and a genuine sweetness. Plus, having a main character who happened to be a cop could have given us tons of fun and interesting storylines. 


What were some of your favorite Dave moments? Did you think he was a good match for Leslie? Do you wish he had stayed on the series longer or do you think they did all they could with him? 

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Loved him. My favorite Dave moment is in the episode with the beauty pageant. He almost runs into Trish and says, "watch it, buddy". He doesn't even give her a second glance and the look on Leslie's face is priceless. I'm rewatching S3 now and I also love Ben. I think they could have mined the Dave character for more story lines if he had stayed.

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