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Ben Hunter: Studley Do-Right

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Seeing as there's a thread for Louise, I thought I'd set up one for probably one of the season's more divisive characters.


The Studley Do-Right is the monicker the Backlot give him but in terms of it being a male equivalent of the usual Mary Sue trope, I think Ben fits that role, doesn't he?

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Well I hope they give his character a little bit more depth if he is sticking around. At the moment he is just Mr.Niceguy, that's a little bit annoyning in my opinion. I was also a little disappointed how he found out about Emily's secret, i thought that was cheap. And after that he just gives in that easy like...ok I'm keeping your secret because I have a crush on you, doesn't matter if I'm a cop... (Jack is too, but given his history with Emily keeping her secret makes much more sense to him, plus he became a cop when he already knew).


It will be intersting to see if he starts digging into Conrad's murder again though, I mean know that he knows David has no alibi, and knowing Emily's agenda he must be superstupid if he didn't suspect David, let's see.

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I know I complain a lot about Ben as a character, but I really hope we can finally put this enerving love-triangle Ben-Jack-Emily behind us after her revelation. I mean if Ben has at least any mini-sized balls left he would end it with Emily immediatly, as thanks to her his career as a detective will be shortlived (if they even keep him as a cop at all).


I really wouldn't mind if they let go of Ben once and for all though. And if they keep him, they really should give that poor guy some credit, let him break up with Emily (not Emily breaking up with him), and make him start investigating in Conrad's murder again (he has to know it's David by now). Because so far it has been just a great mess with him, he as well could be named "Cop B" sleeping with Emily, which obviously lowers blood supply in the brain, because how could he not see the bigger picture after he learned her true identity (Conrad's murder, her Revenge Agenda, etc.) and being surprised that there is more to Emily's and Jack's "friendship"? He knows she's Amanda Clarke, right? 

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