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S01.E09: The Saint Of Last Resorts (2)

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Episode Synopsis:


Conclusion of; A call from Anne Marie, a member of the fateful Newcastle crew, sends John and Chas to Mexico City and brings them closer to the source of The Rising Darkness. Meanwhile, Zed’s past comes back to haunt her.

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Even though I missed the bit between Zed telling Chas she'll be on the next flight and John waking up in prison, I was glad this show was back!


Manny- towing the hard road, even at the risk of losing John, until he doesn't need to risk.


Anne Marie- my feelings for her are a mix. I see why she feels and does what she did and said, but I can't fully agree with her. I am glad that she and Zed have started an acquaintance. Both women have a hard enough past without going the future alone.


Chas- MVP; he was the rock the others leaned on and could trust when things went from sugar to shit, or from shit to worse. (Special consideration for Anne Marie's diversion for the prison exit!) Previews hint that we'll get a little more on what was briefly mentioned this ep, re: Chas' family and past with John.


We got not only the demon that tried to possess John but The Tempter! Geez! I cannot say that the big guns aren't being pulled out for this season.


Still sitting with the episode. I may watch it again, not only for what I missed but to make sure I drink in everything that was laid out. It was a fully packed episode, even if parts seemed a little slow-going.


Again, I'm really happy this show is back! (Drank my Newcastle Werewolf during the episode, as it felt like the right pairing. Especially with Grimm coming right behind! *g*)

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Did the Tempter die or was he just sent back from wherever he can from? The special effects were cool. When he dislocated/rearranged his jaw, I clenched.

John would have a collection of Exorcism Chants in various languages (?). I am glad that they showed that not only the words matter but the intent/power/faith behind those words count too.

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Did the Tempter die or was he just sent back from wherever he can from?


My impression is that any exorcised demon is just sent back to hell, not actually destroyed. But, I'm not positive.


I really enjoyed this episode. Even though I knew John couldn't die (plot armor!), I still felt like he didn't get off too easy. There was also tension because I was expecting Anne Marie to bite it at any moment. I was pleasantly surprised she got out of the last episode alive, so when she had such a big part in this episode I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.


OTOH, after all the build up with Zed, I thought she got away too easy. If they weren't really going to focus on her or give us much about her father, they should have just kept it to another episode, not the big two parter. Her story from last episode really felt like it went no where.


Excited to get Chas back story next week!

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Yeah, the Zed resolution was really damn quick.  But, I'm guessing that stuff with her dad is going to come back into play later.  I still wished they saved all that for another episode.  These two episodes probably would have still worked if Zed just came along with the group since the beginning.  Maybe we could have gotten some Zed/Chas bonding, while John and Anne Marie did their thing.


Props to Matt Ryan for all the physical attacking.  He sure did throw himself in all of the possession/exorcism scenes.  I knew they would save him at the end, but I liked that he really did seem beat up over the ordeal.  And, I did like watching Demon John go after everyone's weaknesses; he seemed to have a good read on them.  But, I'm glad they seem to understand that was all the demon and not John.


I also liked that while they butted heads, I didn't feel like there was any resentment between Zed and Anne Marie over Anne's past relationship with John, and Zed more or less being a new potential love interest for him.  Zed did get annoyed with Anne for being stubborn at first, and Anne really does seem to think Zed is putting herself in danger hanging with John, but it never felt like they were against each other because of "feelings" for him or anything.


Oh, Manny.  Underneath all his bluster and yelling, I do think he would really be upset if John was permanently taken out.


Glad next week is going to be a Chas-centric episode.

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I did like that The Tempter was all ' The Bru-what?!  No. But seeing as killing you now would actually defeat my plan, I'll let ya live.' I was wondering if John's demon had possessed that man  in order to help fight Our Heroes. I selfishly want the show to continue so we can hear how John pissed off the week's demon or other. It's all in Matt Ryan's delivery.


Looking forward to next week too.

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The Zed resolution was too quick but I'm looking forward to seeing her past with this cult explored.

I loved everything about the possession, it was fantastic, creepy and disgusting (the drool, yuck).

I liked Anne Marie quite a bit, loved jer willingness to sacrifice John for the greater good (in her mind), it was no different the John sacrificing his friend to stop the hunger demon. I also liked everything she did to help and the bond she started to form with Zed.

I don't need or want it to happen but id the show decided to explore a relationship I'd much prefer Anne Marie/John to Zed/John. I think Anne Marie had much better natural chemistry, the scenes with Zed scream foeced to me.

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This show is by far the best thing NBC has debuted on a Friday night since Hannibal started, and the most deserving of survival.  Forget that horrible version of Dracula.


This was a tense, frightening episode that made good on the promise of the show.  The Zed stuff was a bit rushed, but the step up in terror and quality was notable.


There were some moments of darkly comic relief - like Chas complaining about how hot body bags are - but they were on the clever side, and fit the scenes.


ETA: I did like that Anne and Zed had a few moments together that were honest and not stereotypically combative, even when they disagreed.  I like the idea of Anne out there as an extended member of the clan, but I do not want to see her paired off with Constantine since she has managed to recreate her life in a way that does not require him.  I'm not anxious to see a romantic relationship spring up suddenly between any characters.  Theirs are not lives conducive to picnics and small talk.

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Great second part, even a little better than the first one.


The Constantine possession scenes were creepy enough and it was great seeing Anne Marie, Chas and Zed working together to save John though.


I do like that Zed and Anne Marie weren't competing for John as well. That was refreshing.


Manny did not need to be in this episode given that he added nothing of interest to it.


Some nice creepy moments and funny ones throughout this particular episode too, 8/10

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