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Disappointed in the outcome. I was actually pulling for Arnav over Adrian, although I'd have liked a Claire win. Her sister was soooo adorable! "Claire, you did so good! You only missed a few, I was counting them for you! Your face is sparkling!"  I can't with such extreme cuteness.


These kids are under extreme amounts of pressure, it's 100,000 and at the end of the days they are kids. It's perfectly understandable for them to be emotional and lash out. 


Emotional because of the competition? Yes. Lash out physically and verbally because of the competition? Nah. It's not the first time, and you've already gotten the message that you can do that and get away with it.


You don't just punch your parent for the first time because you miss a question.


Chance: example of kid frustrated by competition, and maybe whine and act out.

Sam: example of kid who clearly ALWAYS talks to his mother like she's his shitty servant. I noticed he never pulled that crap on "Papa."

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Oh man, I finally saw Season 1 and I'm so bummed that this aired four years ago and I have nobody to talk to about it!  I have so.  many.  questions.  Like, what's the deal with Vanya's dad and the water?  (Is it actually a physiological thing or does taking a sip after each answer help her retain the memory somehow?)  Is Ryan's family really like that?  And is Binyamin's dad actually the dad from the Wonder Years in the greatest role of his life?? 

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