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S10.E11: The Forever People

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I wonder if Matthew supposedly not wanting them to revisit his addiction storyline had anything to do with his lack of response when JJ told him he had no idea what she was going thru. Or was it in reference to her so called miscarriage.And that is another thing that pisses me off. First the Mess said they wouldn't be revisiting 200.But then when the teeny boppers on social media screamed long enough and loud enough tptb relented and decided to give the Mary Sue her PTSD episode.

And then we were told it was going to be the anniversary of what happened to her in 200.Now I thought they were talking about her time in captivity.But instead they made it all about that so called miscarriage which had actually happened 3 years prior which made it even more ridiculous.


It is still hard for me to believe that the same person who gave us the Reid we got in The Uncanny Valley is the same one who gave us the Reid in The Forever People.But than again Breen wrote those 2 episodes under 2 different show runners. I also believe Messer was lying between her teeth when she claimed she'd always been a fan of the Reid/JJ friendship.To her Reid is more or less just a prop that is used to show us all how awesome her golden girl is. And if they have to dumb Reid down and make him look totally clueless than so be it. I think it is more likely that Messer probably feels that Reid isn't even worthy enough to lick the dirt off of the bottom of JJ's shoes.

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For the sake of argument, let's say she didn't mean it as nastily as it came off to me. If she didn't mean it in an ugly way, why didn't she apologize later? That's what bothers me. To my immediate recollection, JJ has never apologized to Reid for anything. Ever, except for that one time in Proof, and even then she came off as either pissy or sulky or both, as if she was really saying, Fine, if it will make you stop whining I'll say I'm sorry. Much like that other short, annoying blonde, Buffy Summers, JJ has the capacity to be the worst kind of asshole, which is really obnoxious since she's supposed to be the warm, compassionate one with all this empathy. Yes, friends do say nasty, ugly, horrible things to one another sometimes, but they also generally sincerely apologize for any hurt that's been incurred. Again, mileage will vary.

JJ's empathy comes across like a broach she puts on when necessary, when it suits her, but isn't who she truly is.


However, Reid empathy is truly a part of him. And the person he needs to show empathy towards the most is himself.

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When JJ moved to go to Rossi when he came into the bullpen after Strauss's death, and Reid stopped her... was that a brooch?


I don't like seeing any of them painted with such a broad brush. She does, and has, exhibited honest empathy. Why does it seem like the fandom pushes 'pause' and stays stopped so often, or revisits circular loops that are no longer there? For every complaint (and many are very valid), there are just as many other examples of the opposite. 


I feel like I came into this fandom, this show, like a big sucking vacuum and just hoovered it all in at once. It gets dizzying sometimes because I see everything. The progression of all the seasons was fast-forwarded for me. I'm sure I missed some things, but I also had this concentrated dose of all of it. It's how people watch TV now, and I envy some of you that had that slow march. That's dedication.

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I watched this and had a dead dove moment. I knew it was going to be bad. And it was bad. I wish my self from 7 years ago, who had the good sense to skip this episode when it first aired, would have time-traveled and talked me out of watching this. 

At least the fist bump between Reid and Hotch was cute. 

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