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Ezekiel Jones: Not Stealing Hearts

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I find myself more amused than annoyed by his cockiness.  Still, I hope to see more mad skillz and a little less luck.


Yeah, me too. Only, I wonder how much his success is luck and how much is his liking to be underestimated?

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I posted something similar to this on the Cassandra thread but I think the show being aired out of order is doing a disservice to the characters.  If aired correctly his jackassary might have been easier to take because it would have been mixed in with the episodes where he was helpful.  As much as I wanted Stone to knock that smarmy grin off his face for most of the season, I liked Jones much more this past week.  I forget what the order was supposed to be but if those shows had aired between the ones where he was being a total asshole I might not have hated his character so much in the beginning.


When the season is over I may go back and watch them in the correct order because I'm curious to see how the relationships should have evolved.



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