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Mohu, Rabbit Ears, and Other Cord Cutting Devices, Oh My!

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I have used a Mohu Leaf Ultimate (http://store.gomohu.com/the-leaf-indoor-hdtv-antenna.html) for several years. Every month or two (or three or four) certain stations start breaking up, which is solved only by moving the leaf a foot or two to the east or west in the south facing window (I am 30 miles north of the nearest major metropolitan center). I'm glad I figured out how to fix it, but inquiring minds want to know "why?" Is it weather? The moon? The sun? The wind? The temperature?

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I had my Radio Shack $25 rabbit ears in the window slanted in the corner, with the ears down as far as possible, and was getting METV and Retro on a regular basis.  No Antenna TV though.  Then something happened when I switched to the "better" cable wire, and next thing you know I've lost ME and gained Antenna, huh?  Not sure about Retro.   I do think weather can play a role, but I always suspect nearby cables/power cords have something to do with it. By the way I live in Midtown Manhattan, which makes this particularly crazy. It's mainly the VHF frequencies that misbehave by the way, major networks like NBC and CBS are actually broadcasting over UHF now here and the average antenna picks them up better these days.  That's my understanding of all this, though I don't know the technical reasons why.

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