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S04.E08: Making A Splash

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While I liked the movement of Jay's caftan, it really wouldn't work as a cover-up, especially with all that fabric trailing on the ground. By the time you got into the restaurant, you would either be dragging half the beach or half the swimming pool water with you in your train.


I agree. I loved his outfit until I thought about actually trying to wear it somewhere.  Even as a dress, not a beach cover-up, it would be getting caught in chair legs, table legs, getting stepped on, etc.  I can see how it could be made wearable, but as it was I didn't think it would work in a real life situation.

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Wrong wrong result.  Not that both bottom people didn't have grotesque swimsuits, but Jay's was FAR more grotesque in my opinion.  But he seems to be a favorite they let skate by on a lot of crap (being on the bottom two weeks in a row, for example, and not going, and three times in total so far this season--more than even Helen).

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Hated Michelle's swimsuit. One summer when I was a little kid, I tried to deny that I had clearly outgrown my favorite suit in the past year. With great effort, I managed to stuff myself into it anyway, and the effect was exactly the same as Michelle's - straps stretched within an inch of their lives nearly to the navel. Thankfully my mother (once she had finished laughing) had enough sense to make me take it off.


Not sure what adult woman could possibly pull that look off without public snickers. Certainly not anyone with cleavage other than an AA cup. Though I suppose it's still better than the unintentional diaper-esque baggy thong produced by the loser (who was such a non-entity this season that I've already forgotten her name).

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Yeah, but I thought the freaking WINNING bathing suit was grotesque too (although the accompanying 2nd look with it was very good). It looked like a riff on a monokini, and those are HORRIBLE looking, so I don't see how some other strange arrangement of mid-body straps is going to suddenly be magical. I can't even imagine the tan lines some unlucky woman is going to get from it either.

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To be honest, there is only so much you can do with a bathing suit and I didn't find the others to be innovative or unique. They were all derivative.



I wish a designer every once in a while would just fuck with the judges and do a riff on an old timey bathing suit.



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