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S06.E04: Edie's Wedding

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When I went to the Archer panel at NYCC last year, the only detail of this episode that they mentioned was that Edie will be voiced by Uma Thurman. At 2013's NYCC panel, Amber Nash said she wanted to see an episode at Poovey Farm where she voiced her whole family Nutty Professor style.

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When I went to the Archer panel at NYCC last year, the only detail of this episode that they mentioned was that Edie will be voiced by Uma Thurman. At 2013's NYCC panel, Amber Nash said she wanted to see an episode at Poovey Farm where she voiced her whole family Nutty Professor style.


Oh my, I would've loved to hear that but at least they got a big name celebrity doing Pam's sister voice (and btw, Thurman also did a guest voice work on American Dad not too long ago). I feel like the real question, is will we be seeing more of Pam's sister (Eddie) and if so, will they still use Uma Thurman's voice or will they replace her with someone cheaper?


Also, does anyone else think that Barry doesn't know that Archer and Lana had a baby together?

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Yeah, I'm not really interested in Pam's family. The only main character I like less than her is Cyril. This episode sounds potentially 'Ray's redneck brother' levels of boring to me. Hopefully the rest of the gang will end up heavily involved and make it worthwhile.

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I'm kinda surpise we have no more mention of Lana family and they are doing Pam family instead. But! I hope this ep not other mission style blow things up and everyone shouting.


Over the last past 5 seasons (and I don't think Pam mentioned her family during Season 5, so maybe just the last 4 seasons) she occasionally mentioned her family, in passive in conversations, but this will be the first time we will actually get to see a family member. As with Lana, I feel that she doesn't mention family as often as Pam would. Maybe next season we will get to see Lana's family or maybe we will get to see some of her family later this season?

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Man this was a good one. Pam and Edie fighting each other and then saving each other (and tossing insults along the way)? Gold.


Cheryl eats aloe plants now. And takes "TRY not to burn the place down" as a challenge.


So Malory and Ron are back together.


So we're heading towards "Real But Forgetful" Krieger this week. So like him to develop a Brown Note Ray (and apparently worked on an ejaculation ray). I'm also quite surprised that Lana asked Krieger to watch AJ before Cyril. But Cyril seems to want to get back with Lana, who else thinks that's probably not gonna happen?


Well, Barry is back. And still scary. And of course he's not dead.

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I just love Archer and Pam's particular sort of weird fondness for each other.


And I basically split a gut laughing at Edie and Pam fighting. And Pam ruining her sister's life. (I'm a younger sister, can't say I didn't feel a bit of catharsis there.)


And Pam as Marilyn will now be my computer wallpaper. Even all beat up she looked like a million bucks.

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I dunno . . . I figured we'd have a full-bore Poovey hoedown in Wisconsin, but we wound up with a retread of Ray's family reunion, with Barry thrown in for good measure. And, apparently, he's more robot than man now. Ironically, the more robotic he becomes, the easier it is for Archer to shut him down, because he never got the upper hand like he did with the explosive rounds.


It's sad to see Cyril so far down Lana's babysitter list. He's just that big of a butt monkey. And he wants to "re-tap" Lana? Dream on, little man.


Anybody else perk up hearing "Gordon Schumway' as Pam's idea for an Archer alias? And yes, I knew that was ALF's real name. I am sad that way.

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Totally didn't recognize Alison Toleman as Edie.  A much different character from Molly in Fargo.  Speaking of which, they even played the Fargo music at the end!


Barry!  And Other Barry!  Still as nutty as always. But now it looks like he's no longer going to be Six Million Dollar man-type cyborg, but full-blown Terminator now.  Not surprised he made it again.  Have a feeling he ain't ever dying.  Maybe one season he'll team up with Conrad Stern, and they'll both try to bring down Archer.


The whole "Archer making Irish coffee while dealing with a crying Pam" was just awesome.  No dialogue or anything: it was all in the animation and Pam's nonstop sobbing.


Lana's plot really was just an excuse to include everyone who wasn't Archer or Pam, but it had it's moments.  Krieger and Cheryl still brought the laughs.  And, Cyril showed why he's so creepy that it's no wonder Lana actually went to freaking Krieger before settling on him.

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Oh, my God!  This episode felt like a throwback to the early seasons of Archer; I loved it.


- Archer trying to get coffee while Pam cries hysterically


- Pam's alias for Archer (Alf shout-out!  Yay!)


- Poor Lana just trying to get a babysitter for AJ


- Mallory criticizing the weight of a six-month old (How much you wanna bet her parents were expies of Joan Crawford and Bing Crosby?)


- Ray and the elevator, Kreiger and his brown note gun, Cheryl eating aloe for some unknown reason (is aloe used in making rubber cement?)


- Alison Tolman rocking it as Pam's Queen of Bitches sister.


- Said sister proving she can take it just like Pam, but is not as good a fighter


- Archer's tux and Pam's Marilyn Monroe dress (and she was rocking that dress, too)


- Cyril's not given up on Lana (awww)


- Pam getting the last laugh on her sister


So much to love!


Unfortunately, this was also a Cyborg Barry episode.  Cyborg Barry episodes suuuuuuuuuck!  Good thing Katya dumped him for "Come on, Buddy" Russian.


I am interested in how he'll pull himself together, though.


All in all, a 99% episode!

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I thought it was pretty funny. From the cold open with Archer moving Pam around to the fight with Barry, it all sort of stuck together nicely. The Lana stuff was kinda boring, but I did love Kreiger's brown note gun. I also liked Cyril's mention of Kreiger's 'ejaculation ray,' especially when pointed out it was a Shit Your Pants ray and then Cyril saying "Well, that's new." How many ejaculation rays has Kreiger worked on before?

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I already knew I wasn't going to like this episode much, but by the time Edie showed up, I realised that this was probably going to be my least favourite episode of the show ever.


The storyline with Lana was a waste of time. Cyril is gross and I find his creepy paternalistic, sexist attitude really offputting. Also, they really went with the Brown Note gag for Krieger? I've seen that in like half a dozen shows over the years.


Edie was fucking horrible, and not in a good way. I ended up skipping any bits where she was talking. I'm not a Pam fan anyway, but I can tolerate her as long as they don't try to humanise her. She's okay when she's talking about taking dumps or her sexual exploits. Family drama? No thanks.


Cheryl had a couple of genuinely funny moments, but other than that, this was a waste of an episode. Probably worse than the one with Ray's brother, which was my least favourite before this.

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Why the hell did I think it was Uma Thurman? I must've heard that somewhere.


Yeah, Edie it didn't sound like Uma Thurman at all. So, I would guess that it was somebody else. 

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I freaking loved the one with ray's brother so maybe it's not surprise I loves this. I think I actually enjoyed Barry for once because he was kind of a loser the whole time. And I too love Pam and archers weird fondness.

But god, Edie was awful. I would like to have seen some fondness at least. But when Barry said she was no prize and she launched at him that was hilarious.

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I loved this episode. I'm a big fan of Archer/Pam hijinks, so this was right up my alley. I thought Pam looked lovely before she fought Edie, and Edie can eat a bag of dicks. Just as awful as I thought she would be. But I liked Barry telling her she's no prize either. Also loved that her BFF blew her fiance.

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Holy crap that was funny. Pam is hilarious so I really liked this episode. Her sister being just like her made it even better. Pam's insults are great, did she seriously call Archer "dick-nuts"? Also for some reason with this show when people keep yelling at each other to shut up is something I always find funny.


Also I know it is totally wrong, but everyone accusing Archer of being gay because he wore that jacket to the rehearsal dinner made me laugh a lot.

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