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S01.E11: Rogues' Gallery

Tara Ariano
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Great to see Christopher Heyerdahl, he makes every role his own.


I think maybe the Arkham attendant Singer/Sanger (with the keys) was Lukas Haas from Witness, all grown up. I couldn't find it on imdb so maybe I'm wrong.

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I thought that Barbara left a "Dear Jim" letter for Gordon. Although I don't remember if they showed the letter close enough so that we could read its actual contents, the implication I took was Barbara clearly saying "I can't do this any more."

Good for her...because neither can we.

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I don't know about anyone else, but I took Barbara's "I can't do this anymore" letter as being "I'm getting out of this ferkakte town," not "I plan to shack up with my ex-girlfriend who sort of still hates you. P.S. I also plan to be pretty much out of my gourd on prescription drugs, so don't let anyone else answer the phone when I call the Clocktower at exactly the wrong time, 'kay? xoxo. Borebara."

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Ivy is a such great character. She's able to do so much with so little. Bruce and Selina Kyle are also really working for me. Kids on TV shows are almost always annoying but Gotham is a rare exception. That being said, wouldn't it be more consistent for future Poison Ivy, lover of plants, to be anything but a vegan?

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I think after this episode Ivy might be my favourite characters (especially after that reverse prank call which was hilarious). I remember when the show came out I read an article that said every season would be the development of a single Batman villain and would show how he/she became that villain we know. This season is Penguin, but hopefully she show stays on long enough where we can get to Ivy.


Like others I think that Barbara is still terrible. On the other hand, I am thinking that the actress who plays her is one of the hottest actresses on TV (at least on shows I watch the only other contender is Sophia Bush from Chicago PD).


The things at Arkham were really well done. I mean if it is that creepy/crazy and poorly run now, what will it be like once guys like the Joker do show up? The scene at Arkham with Gordon, Harvey and the administrator was hilarious. If this show can bring a little bit of funny each episode it could really work. 


Also I agree they should have found a way to get a Sheeeeit in. At least have him say the first syllable or something and then cut to a different scene. There were a few times where it looked like he was just about to say it.

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Glad this is back, even if the episode was a little overstuffed (so much so, that I completely failed to register Bruce wasn't in it). I was particularly glad to see that Penguin hit a roadblock on his path to the top, because if everyone could rule the Underworld, more people would do it.


As for the main shenanigans at Arkham, I can totally believe that an underfunded institution has a high staff turnover (well in excess of 100% annually) and that anyone who does pitch in to help would be welcomed without too many questions. It's not supposed to happen, but it's easy to believe it might.


Litnit  Did Barbara not think she sounded a little young?



...because being too young has always stopped men before (particularly in a cesspit of vice and corruption like Gotham)? Obviously we know Jim is the hero and therefore pure & incorruptible, but Barbara doesn't.


Camera One  I have a feeling Butch's real plan is to let Fish "win" and then get rid of her.


I doubt it. I think he's a natural follower, not a leader. He might betray her if a better deal comes along, but he's not the type to shoot for the top himself.

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