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Big Women: Big Love

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Mar should have sucked it up and just slapped on a pair or prescription glasses if she really wanted to go to Sabrina's event.

Instead, she tried to smokescreen the real reason for why she couldn't make it to the event, which was probably a wicked hangover and laziness.

I have nothing against letting beached whales lie but don't bother insulting everyone's intelligence by blaming it on something minor like your contacts.  

You're not that smart enough to pull the wool over our eyes and more importantly, we're not stupid enough to fall for your excuses.

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Mar was probably sick from wearing two sets of girdles, lack of oxygen? Crushed internal organs?

Did she mistaking put honey on her crotch instead of deodorant?

Maybe it was a reaction to the fumes from that green shit she sprays in her hair.

Either way, she wore THAT to a fashion show? Better yet, she wore THAT out in public?


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What struck me during the (seemingly endless) re-hash of last week's "she called me fa- fa- fa-haaaaaaaaaaat!" drama was that Mar didn't actually CALL Jenn fat--she told her to stop ACTING LIKE a sad fat girl.  I interpret that as, "stop being lame and shy and awkward, and be fabulous, girlfriend!"  Mar didn't *say* it wrong, Jenn *heard* it wrong :)

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Does anyone else think that Jenn looks sloppy? She needs better color on her hair and she definitely needs to brush it.



Jenn is a hot assed mess!  When she was crying I thought her face was melting.  She kills me when she describes herself as "curvy".  She's shaped like the penguin in the Batman movie where Danny DeVito played him.  You have to actually have some semblance of a waistline to be considered "curvy".  She's just big and round.  https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/2b/bf/c9/2bbfc9647952d20a5d816e3a2b132b3f.jpg  http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/10/107715/2015062-batmanreturns380_3.jpg


Kristi reminds me so much of my best friend. I never understood why my friend was so bad at meeting men. She dated the biggest losers, most who were butt ugly, and then she would gloat about how good it felt to be called pretty by these ugly dudes. I always told her that she had a lot to offer and that she shouldn't look to losers to validate her beauty, but oh well. She's married to some dude with no teeth now.



OMG!  I'm dead!  Hee!!!

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On 1/15/2015 at 4:20 AM, wrestlesflamingos said:

I have some good news - it's probably not anyone's weight that's holding them back, you'd get the same attention from creeps at a lower number. I've learned in my decades of dating that creeps are the most aggressive daters. They are the shouty, front of the line types.

You'll have more fun with the people you approach first, promise.

A lot of it is about self-confidence. I’ve known women who struggled with their weight (some were  even in the “morbidly obese” category) but they dressed really cute and carried themselves with self-confidence, and I’m telling you, they never had a problem finding men to date or to treat them well.

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