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S04.E11: Epitaph

Jiggle Billy

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There has never been a mention of Conrad having brothers, has there?  And his father is still alive, right?

Who knows with this show.  If David can come back, surely Conrad can (and I hope he does).

IMO, for all the stupidity of this season, it's still not as stupid as season 2. I almost quit this show then, until season 3 came back all "Let's never speak of season 2 again!"


I agree.  It's totally over the top, but they've made it enjoyable again.  Season 2 was just stupid.

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I liked Victoria better in the aftermath of Daniel's death, for once stripped of her imperious over-the-top-itude.    I think the show would be better if she weren't so one-dimensional all the time.   Madeline Stowe's a decent actress.  The writers should give her more to work with.

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