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Battle Creek

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Hate to say it, but I'm enjoying the abuse of CBS on the Battle Creek Facebook page (I did send CBS a reasoned, polite e-mail, but I also put in a dig on one of the other BC posts there--not too rude, but definitely peeved). Perhaps I'll read their FB page again Sunday night at 10 pm, when I would have been watching Russ and Milt, to make myself feel better.

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Interesting "series" finale, I guess.  I'm guessing if this show had continued, Milton would have survived the shot and we might have even revisited the Robert Sean Leonard character from prison in a future episode.  But, I guess we'll never know.  It was hard to tell though: I thought the shot could have been around his heart, but it might have been closer to his shoulder instead.  It was hard to tell.


Every single episode reminded me a little bit of Due South in one way or another, so Milt getting shot gave me the tiniest little flashback to the episode we all thought was the season 1 (and series) finale (which, incidentally David Shore co-wrote with Paul Haggis). It was therefore a huge relief seeing Milt conscious and saying "I know" when Russ told him he was going to be OK, and I choose to believe that he will.

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