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If the ratings were high enough, they would have wanted shows like this. Look at Tosh.0. They'll take whatever is most profitable.

I will miss @midnight, don't get me wrong. But I don't think CC would have ditched it if they thought it was going to make more money than whatever else they put in its place.

I suspect Hardwick is getting to be very expensive as a host, and that may have influenced their decision, as well. They might bring the show back with a cheaper person behind the podium at some point. I suspect, especially if Klepper's show doesn't explode out of the gate, they will be more than happy to have a show like @midnight again. They got rid of Larry Wilmore over ratings, branding be damned.

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I miss this show a lot. I've been binge watching YouTube clips. Some have made me cry they're so funny.  Some of the best so far? This Paul F Tompkins outtake I'd not seen before:



And this bit in Feb 2015 where when asked for fake Walking Dead Spoilers show/comic book creator and comic book writer said "a character named Neegan would show up and bash Glenn's head in." This episode aired after Walking Dead season 05 episode 09 in Feb of 2015. The event Kirkman refers to happens in season 07 episode 01 in Oct of 2016, a full season and a half (including a cliffhanger about who dies at the end of season 06). This spoiler was so far out of what was happening in the show only readers of the comic would know what it meant:



edit: first the audience gets it, the "Eugene" gets it. I didn't at the time but it's funny as hell now. 

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I occasionally get surveys from Comedy Central asking me my opinions on various shows. Either current ones, or shows that they're considering airing. However, on Monday, I got a survey about... @Midnight!


This week, we'd like to hear all of your thoughts about @midnight.

Fan of the show? Great! You get "POINTS"

Not a fan of the show? That's ok too --- we'd still like to ask you a few questions. And you'll also get some "POINTS"


Maybe they're thinking about bringing it back? One of the Q's asked me to rate various potential hosts, including Funches, Whitney Cummings and a couple other former regulars. (He wasn't among the choices, but I think Paul F. Tompkins would make the best host.) Anyway, it was VERY encouraging to get that survey, and I made sure to let them know that I missed the show and would definitely watch it even without Hardwick.

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On 12/22/2017 at 7:53 PM, PatternRec said:

I miss this show :( 

I just dug up this forum to say the same thing! As much as I sometimes ragged on Chris and a few of the panelists, I looked forward to 22 reliably silly minutes four nights a week. The show introduced me to so many good comics over the years.

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