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Galavant Quotes: We Agreed *I* Would Say The Cool Things!

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Isabella: You had me at "brown fart."


Hortensian: Let loose the leafy greens!


Gareth: It's one thing being a horrible human being. It's another thing to be evil.


Madalena: I wasn't going to get all sappy, but thanks for the adventure. Thanks for the power. Thanks for the crown. Thanks for the love.


Wormwood: King Richard, I presume.

Richard: You know, when you presume, you make a pres out of you and me.


Wormwood: Any last words?

Richard: Just four - I have a dragon! Come on, Tad Cooper, I super believe in you! Rain fire!


[Gareth and Galavant see Richard and Wormwood fighting]

Gareth: I can't believe that's the same guy who cried when he got jam on his fancy pants.

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Doubtful, as "man who hasn't been touched by a woman" was simply a long way of saying "virgin." Just because the men in the Enchanted Forest had likely never had sex with a woman doesn't mean that they were automatically virgins. Gay men still have sex, just not with women.

And some of them have even had sex with women. Edited by SmithW6079

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Chef: Chef out


That was from an ep in S1.  My daughter and I randomly end conversations or say goodbye by saying "chef out" ever since.

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