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S02.E12: Beach House

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I can't decide if this was my favourite episode ever or if it just tied for first with The Party. Seems like having the gang all together is the common winning element for me.


Gina was...holy hell...actually enjoyable for me this time around. Her reactions to Amy were amusing; she came off as *gasp* a mostly normal human being!!


Everything involving Vacation Terry was fucking gold. GOLD.


I liked that Boyle and Rosa are still platonic and that he was willing to help her with her texting (and that she let him). I was amused that once he got the ball rolling for her, she was all "I got this now" and leaves the room - but not before you get a glimpse of her starting to take her top off. Heh.


Thank you to the writers for not trying to make a Jake/Amy moment happen during Amy's drinking. There were a few moments which showed that he was familiar with her drinking stages and that they are close, but they didn't try to create any romantic/sexual situations out of her drunken state - for which I am truly grateful.


I too did not want this episode to end. I loved all of it...

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I actually hurt for Holt when he realized his presence was cramping the party's style and left. He wasn't wanted by the other detectives when he was a cop because he was gay and black; now, umpteen years later, his colleagues don't care about that but they also don't want him there because he's the captain/boss. At no point in his career was he actually wanted at one of those things, and it hurt me to realize how he's been excluded his whole life.

So when it ended the way it did, with everyone getting into the "Real Ray or Fake Ray" game and Holt being one of the gang despite all the things that make him different, I actually got half choked up.

I really did find this episode funny, though!

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I loved how the first sign of Holt's "coming down to the squad's level" was his reaching over to switch on the jets of the hot tub.

"And that's just the beginning."

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Also: How is fracking GINA invited to the detectives-only weekend?
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