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  1. 1. Are you going to continue watching Enlisted?

    • Yes, 100% on board
    • I'll check out another few episodes and see if I like it
    • I won't turn it off if it comes on TV but I probably won't actively seek it out
    • No way I'm watching another episode

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Watched the clip, which was great, but made me sad because I'm going to miss this show soooo much. More than I ever would have thought. Shows I thought I liked more got cancelled and I just shrugged and moved on. But this show, I'm still heartbroken about it. I had no idea I loved this show this much.

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I finally watched a second time. It was even better. I cried a lot more. 


I also caught some things I missed the first time, like in this exchange when Randy is telling Cody he lost his foot:


Cody: Why were you buying me dress socks?

Randy: Because you have a meeting with General Murray in the motor pool now, and they said not to eat first.
Cody: What?!
Randy: It's insane! If it weren't the truth you'd think it was a lie.


I hadn't picked up on Randy saying "not to eat first," and trying to cover the ruse by saying, "If it weren't the truth you'd think it was a lie."


I'll definitely buy the DVD when it comes out, whenever that'll be. And it better be.

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Does anyone know the actual order the episodes should have been in?  I want to watch them in the proper order....


Wasn't sure where to post this, so apologies if this doesn't belong here


Edit to add that I managed to find a list, but it's not "official".  Thought I'd share it anyway:


1. Pilot                                                       (1AWV79) (ep 1)
2. Rear D Day                                             (1AWV01) (ep 5)
3. Pete’s Airstream                                      (1AWV02) (ep 3)
4. Parade Duty                                            (1AWV03) (ep 7)
5. Brother and Sister                                   (1AWV04) (ep 6)
6. Randy Get Your Gun                                (1AWV05) (ep 2)
7. Vets                                                       (1AWV06) (ep 8)
8. Prank War                                              (1AWV07) (ep 10)
9. The General Inspection                            (1AWV08) (ep 11)
10. Homecoming                                         (1AWV09) (ep 4)
11. Paint Cart 5000 vs. The Mondo Spider     (1AWV10) (ep 9)
12. Army Men                                             (1AWV11) (ep 12)
13. Alive Day                                                 (1AWV12) (ep 13)

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Does anyone know anything about Yahoo Screen? The article says that it's non-subscription, that it has advertising. I wonder if the programming actually has commercials or if you just see ads before the show starts. One thing I can't stand is how YouTube videos periodically have the small ad that pops up during a video where you can close it or just ignore it.


Anyway, here's hoping that Enlisted isn't dead.

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From TVShowsOnDVD.com:



Fox has produced a manufacture on demand (MOD) release of Enlisted - The Complete 1st Season on DVD. These 13 episodes turned out to be the show's only season, since the Fox broadcast network has cancelled the program. The formal date of availability for this 2-DVD set, according to the official info, is today, December 9th. However, as of this writing the title is not up for order through Amazon's CreateSpace MOD program. Cost is $29.95 SRP.


And it's on Amazon.com right now.


Hmm... you buy it and then they'll manufacture the DVD? As opposed to having already made DVDs in stock? I've never heard of this before but I'll take it! I know it's all about the digital age and streaming and all that but I love me a hard copy, so I'm glad we can get it. I wish there were details on any special features.

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A number of now-cancelled series with relatively low ratings are having their final seasons released in this way, as an alternative to no release at all. Happy Endings season 3 and Better Off Ted season 2 come to mind.


And I think they've already given the details on special features -- i.e., none. (Unless one thinks back to the earliest days of DVD, when a box would list "navigable menus!" as a special feature.) The budget needed for such things isn't going to be part of a minimal release like this.

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Where was I while this show was still on?! I just saw this episode and can't get over how funny, endearing and warmhearted it is. Time to see if it's worth investing in the DVDs... :) 

I think it's worth it! I have already bought the DVDs, but the episodes are in the wrong order on my copy. That problem is supposed to be fixed now per one of the producers. Amazon was making them with the order they aired which was incorrect. (there would be characters one week that seemed like they already had stories going, which they did, and then you'd meet them in later episodes. It didn't affect my enjoyment of the show, but it was annoying!)


I am seriously considering buying another set now that the episodes are said to be in the intended order and give my mom the first set. She likes the show too and I don't think she'd be too fussed about the order.

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