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David Rossi: He KNOWS Things

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I prefer to think that the 24 hour marriage is not the actual canon. Would anyone REALLY count something like that to be a real marriage? I don't think so. Hell, they could probably have received an annulment, because they were both drunk. After all the talk of three ex wives over the years, I think that story just wiffed it entirely.

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I’ll start off by saying that I am biased, and Rossi is one of my favorite characters on this show. So, I like learning personal information about him.


There is no reason they need to be friends and it's just completely wrong that they are apparently going to become romantically involved again.



I don’t buy for an instant that their past connection was strong enough to withstand the 29 year lie of omission that Hayden perpetuated because I re-watched all the significant parts of major Rossi episodes.


Carolyn and David Rossi did not separate until July of 1983 (season 9 finale conversation with Alex). I looked up how long it took to get divorced in Virginia (in the 1980s). There was something about a required 6 month separation period before anyone could file for divorce. This delays them filing for divorce until January 1984. If we go with Virginia’s current 90 day period, to run through the courts, this makes their divorce final in mid-April 1984. 


If we go by Rossi’s “whirlwind summer in Paris” description in Fate (Joy’s introduction episode). This means Hayden and David met, at the earliest, about 2-6 weeks after his divorce was final. Joy said they married in the “summer of 1984”.


Let’s ignore for a minute that the date that should have been James’ 5th birthday passed at some point between Rossi settling his divorce and meeting Hayden. Carolyn and Rossi both seem to put each other on pedestals in 7x06. I easily believe that those two were still deeply in love with each other, but that life got in the way of their marriage. I can’t buy that David got to know Hayden well enough for her to ever compete with Carolyn. Especially, when you consider that Carolyn and Rossi made pledges to each other to “always be there. Future spouses and significant others would just have to understand” during their divorce (7x05).


I could see Rossi “really liking [Hayden]” to quote Gibbs about Diane and Diane about her 2nd husband Fornell in NCIS 9x07. However, based on current cannon, I’m getting the distinct impression that Carolyn was to Rossi what Gibbs’ late wife Shannon was to him. I highly doubt that his marriage to Hayden would have survived even if Rossi had known about Joy. I don’t get the impression that Hayden would have understood Carolyn and David’s connection or tolerated it, since David was the "love of her life" according to Joy.


In one of Nelson’s Sparrow flashbacks, Jason figured out that Carolyn was pregnant based on the type of post cards David was collecting in the late fall/early winter of 1978. Jason said “You’re collecting the kind of post-cards you would collect if you had a kid, but you don’t have a kid. Which means, you and Carolyn are expecting.” He was clearly thinking about that child before he was born. If I had to guess, I would say that throwing himself into his work was his way of coping with James’ death. I wonder if Hayden ever knew about James.

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In "Profiling 202", it was hinted that David and Hayden may break up, or go back to being friends. Thankfully.

I'm not against David having a love interest... just not her. Also, Spencer is in a much bigger need for a love interest storyline.

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Now I know where I've seen Rossi before! The actor was in The Godfather! He was so young and handsome. 

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You know, we've been getting a lot of "Rossi focus" lately. New love interest, he's being mentioned a lot more. I wonder I'd he's gonna take his turn in peril soon. So far, he's the only agent that hasn't been kidnapped or tortured. Even Garcia, the tech analyst got it. 

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