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Aaron Marker: Doomed Boyfriend


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Aaron Marker is an enterprising political insider who is in love with Dr. Railly.  Confident and discerning, Aaron is chief aide to Senator William Royce.  But when the love of his life claims that she was kidnapped by a time-traveler, Aaron doesn't believe her. Though the two have a longstanding relationship, they struggle to get over this hurdle.  Nonetheless, in an effort to keep Railly safe, Aaron becomes deeply entangled in the plot to stop the 12 Monkeys.

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I'm rewatching from the beginning because I've forgotten so much and have so many questions, but boy. I'd forgotten how much I hated Aaron. He was such a typical "gotta save my girl because she's incapable of saving herself" douchebag. Cole is so much more of a feminist.

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