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Sarah's Sober Second Thought Series: The Power And The Glory

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I will never forget how Buffy responded when Giles asked her to describe what Glory was like:

Buffy: Actually, she was kinda like Cordelia!

(withering glance from Giles)

Buffy: I'm pretty sure she dyes her hair!

Giles: Ah, of course, that one.


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I adore Clare Kramer's Glory. If we do go the route of Greco-Roman gods as opposed to Judeo-Christian omnipotence, then it does work quite well. A God was simply a more powerful, immortal, selfish creature than a human. Human's were irrelevant to the Olympus gods as far as achieving their goals. I could totally see Glory pissing off Hera in a different story verse.

Season Five does suffer from Riley. He mostly worked in Season Four being a big ol' plot contrivance, but he is in the way in Season Five. His hulking frame is a big black cloud hovering over Buffy's head.

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From "Family":


Xander: You're dealing with all of us.


Spike: Except me.


Xander: Except Spike.


Spike: I don't care what happens.


Also, the part when Spike just hauls off and slugs Tara to prove that she's fully human just cracks me up.

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I was always weirded out by Tara's dad saying "the women in our family all have demon in them", as an explanation for why Tara, and her mother, and presumably all the other Maclay women needed to be handled. If he married outside of his own bloodline, Tara's mother should have been demon free.

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Family was one of my favorite season 5 episodes but take that from a Willow/Tara shipper


It would make my top ten. I get that it's a little sentimental and there's floating and that Tara's family is a little too stereotypically evil, but it just works for me. I usually don't ship, but I can't help it with Willow and Tara. I just love them.


Definitely weird looking back and realising that Tara's cousin is Amy Adams though! I remember her popping up on a few WB shows during that time. She gave a really sweet performance in an episode of Charmed where she played a woman who was cursed and had terrible luck, and then there was that episode of Smallville where she ate a deer...

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Nice use of "effulgence." Heh.

I had no idea that was Amy Adams! I need to go back and watch Family, I guess. I thought I first saw her in Junebug.

Thinking back on the story as a whole, it was a terrible idea to keep Spike on this show. But his performance in this season is what kept me watching. I couldn't stand Glory or Ben or Riley or so much of the rest of the main plot.

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It's always a little crazy to me that Amy Adams went from her appearance in "Family" (which I thought was kinda wooden) and "Cruel Intentions 2" (ditto x 2) to today's Amy Adams, you know?

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This is season is a really good example of how Spike should not have been a main character. He should have just been a recurring character, appearing every once in a while.

The limitations of Riley as a character really begin showing this season. Without the Initiative, there really isn't much of a character there.

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