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S01.E04: The Road Not Taken

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Eseni considers quitting after an unexpected visit from her boyfriend; Christie confides to Stacey that she has made a decision; Claire hopes to find her calling at the next convent in rural Kentucky.


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Christie, she just wants to date Jesus, & if she has to become a nun to do it, then so be it. I don’t know why I noticed this, but in some of Eseni’s THs, her eyebrows have clearly not been waxed/tweezed for a while & it looks like she’s wearing no or minimum makeup. I think she may have chosen to enter a convent too & filmed the THs later on because they’re interspersed with ones with nicely shaped eyebrows.


Claire & that bathing suit were just ridiculous, the nun was showing more skin than her. She wants to prove to everyone that she the bestest nun evah! In the preview for next week, Francesca is saying something to Claire about her never having been kissed by a boy, she's 26 years old & never been kissed? I think she's trying for martyrdom. 

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This episode has me so curious about Stacy's ultimate decision. Should we start guessing which of the discerners do and don't become nuns?! 


I'm kind of confused about the process. Are they supposed to choose among one of the three convents they're spending time with throughout the series? A few comments implied that was the case, but it seems more logical that they can pick pretty much any convent they choose to visit on their own and which is mutually deemed a good fit...right?! 


Claire is just so relentlessly self-righteous and humorless. The nuns, nearly all of whom seem so joyful and life-embracing, must be secretly praying that she finds her calling with a different convent ;) 


And maybe this makes ME self-righteous, but I totally agreed with Christie and Stacy about Esina and Francesca trying to sex up their outfits being immature and even borderline disrespectful. 


My current predictions re. who enters a convent:


Yes: Christie and Claire

No: Esina and Frencesca 

Total wild card: Stacy 

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I don't know if Claire will make it or not. She may have no problems with the vows of chastity or poverty, but I'm not so sure about obedience. She did not like it at all when Sister Mary Beth put the kibosh on Claire's idea of having Darnell ride along with them. She even argued with the sister a bit, and then said, "It's your decision." Duh! How was it even Claire's place to say that to the Sister? I think she'd do better continuing in her role as a church musician/educator than joining a convent. We shall see.....

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And because it cannot be said enough:  Shut up, Darnell. 'You're gonna leave your man alone by himself like that?'



For some reason, I thought this whole thing lasted for six weeks. So, he can't bear to be without her for six weeks, with the threat that he might look for someone else? Good thing neither of them are in the military.

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Claire, the Gibson Girl called and wants her swim costume back! That swim suit was hysterical. Even Sister Beth Ann thought it was weird. On the other hand, WTF with bringing a tiny bikini on a discernment trip? Well, that was Eseni who got a set of stripper nails just before going on said trip.

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On the other hand, WTF with bringing a tiny bikini on a discernment trip? 

My question would be, why bring any kind of bathing suit on a discernment trip? When they showed them all at the pool, I wondered what made them all bring a bathing suit, it had to be producer driven, because the first thing I think of when I hear the word "convent" is not "pool"

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I think that Darnell could be an abuser.  He's definitely a person who doesn't know what healthy love is.  He came because he was afraid that Eseni would realize that it was possible to have a fulfilling life without a man.  He's a loser.


These girls don't get that what Darnell did wasn't romantic (though romance books might disagree), it was abusive.  Eseni is an adult, not a child and Darnell did not have the right to come and try to fuck up her process.  

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Was it Francesca who didn't want to touch homeless people because she's a germaphobe?  Uh-huh.  I'm hearing "poor people cooties."


And showing me her brother has Asperger's did not redeem her.


I know lots of people are crazy about this show, but I just don't like these girls.  I do like the nuns, though, so I'll be back.  I want to see the convent of young nuns in Kentucky.


P.S.  My prediction for which ones take vows:  none.

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I didn't realized that I missed this episode. 




Wow, half the episode was about the Eseni-Darnell drama.  Six weeks apart isn't a big deal. 


Darnell comes off as a controlling, codependent ass.  He travels to Chicago to get her, and then, he's pissed when she doesn't leave with him.  He has no idea why she's doing a discernment, but he doesn't care.  To him, it's all "bullshit" or "nun [expletive]."


Eseni picked a winner.  She has no problem with him belittling her faith or being dismissive about her discernment.  To be fair, Eseni didn't--or couldn't--explain why she was doing the discernment.  It has something to do with her father or something or maybe, yo.  Ahh, Darnell still wouldn't care. 


She said that her process of discernment wasn't fair to Darnell, but her drama wasn't fair to the others or to Sister Beth Ann.  Ugh, everybody got dragged into their drama.  But she's not sure if he'll wait out six weeks for her. 


Get some therapy.  In the church, you wasted your time thinking about Darnell and how you were hurting him.  Same with praying the rosary in the van. 


Francesca and Eseni:


I have no idea why Francesca and Eseni changed into heels and hiked their skirt.  They were in a restaurant in Indiana in the middle of the day. 


I call BS on their short skirts in Catholic school.  They did it when the teachers weren't watching. 


Because Francesca didn't have her mom and because Eseni didn't have Darnell, they become codependent with each other during their discernment.


Everybody else:


Love the nuns.  Love Stacy and Christie.  I don't have a problem with oblivious Claire; hopefully, she'll be able to understand other people's perspective as she continues with her religious vocation.  She was right about drama queen Francesca.

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The more I watch this show the more all of the girls except Stacey and Christie bug the crap out of me. Yawn on the Darnell drama. I am sure Eseni will run right back to him after this cos she has been guilted into it with him always telling her that what she is doing is hurting him. Yes, her exploring her faith is hurtful. Have a damned seat, Darnell. Francesca is basically the same, but with her mom. And her aversion to the poor and homeless because she is a "germaphobe"? Ughhh. I just can't. And whoever said the Aspie brother scene was not redeeming her, I second that. Francesca strikes me as very classist, and would not be able to handle the poverty part of nunning.


So far my prediction is the only one who is seriously considering joining a convent is Christie. Claire just wants to be smug and superior, Stacey seems to mean well but I doubt will commit, and the other two are there for exposure or money, or some other kind of famewhoring. I just don't understand how they all claim to be such hardcore Catholics yet seem to know so little about nuns....especially that nuns don't text on their iPhones all day, or wear a full face of makeup with their habits. I mean....really? Those are your dealbreakers?

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