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Small Talk: Forrester Rangers

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I know soaps are seductive for the steady paycheck but I wish CH hadn't come back. She's such a striking girl and there are so many shows out there... she could do so much better. 

My daughter used to live (and temp) in Portland OR several years ago and she spent a day on the set of Green Room acting as a stand in for one of actors during scene blocking.  She got to meet Patrick Stewart anyway.  She thought he was nice but the only Trek she likes is TOS, thanks to her dad so she would have been more impressed with Shatner or Nimoy. At least it cured her of any desire to work in the film industry. 🙂 

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#Oh God the film industry is a bitch and a half. I have a friend  at Bad Robot and the entire summation of what I got out of the entire Star Wars project over the last two years is "The only thing Hollywood loves more than money is to screw people over." Also, fuck Disney. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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