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Raylan in the Books: Fire in the Hole & Raylan

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While traveling over the thanksgiving holiday, we purchased "Raylan" through iTunes and listened over the blue tooth.  Having watched the show first, it was funny to see how the different TV story lines and characters co-mingled in this novel.  (Not always ending as they did on television)


Boyd seemed to be a weaker character than the show, while Raylan was pretty consistent.  (Although I would have preferred TO read the thing, hearing Raylan speak in someone else's voice was annoying...)


Anyone read them?  Don't make me pull first.  I'll put ya down.

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The narrator does start to sound a bit like Tim, however, I am not sure I want TO to voice the ladies anyway, so it is a wash.  Raylan is kind of like putting season two and three in a blender and having a semi-recognizable (from TV) story come out...  It was enjoying for 8 hours during the holiday drive to Grandmas...

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