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Unaired Selfies And Manhattan Love Storys Will Get Burned Off Online


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The show will be on Free Hulu, dbell1. You just have to wait 8 days past the initial release of each episode (one per week). During that first 8 days you'd need Hulu Plus, but after that 8 days free Hulu will work fine for those episodes.

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I'm glad we will get to see all of the episodes of both of these shows. I watched all four episodes of Manhattan Love Story and actually liked it even more than Selfie. And I liked Selfie a lot.

I wonder how many episodes will be shown? I think Selfie completed its entire 13 episode order. I don't think MLS got that far, although it would be so nice if they were able to finish out their story somehow.

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I'll miss Selfie a lot. It took a couple of episodes to hit its stride, since so much of the humor depended upon knowing who the characters were, but Cho and Gillan were great together. Cho is always fun to watch, but Gillan did a very good job at making me care about a character who certainly had her annoying sides. The surrounding cast was a treat as well. 

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FYI - I just found the new episode on xfinity on demand. So if you don't want to watch it on the internet.

...then you have to be a Comcast subscriber...


Although I suppose it's more than possible that Verizon's On-Demand, or DirectTV, or any of the others, might have it by now too.

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