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  • 1 month later...

Guy Wilson retweeted this from a text from Molly Burnett:



Just got off the phone with Freddie.  He and Alyssa are OKAY.

They were in a serious car accident last night, but were able to receive medical help IMMEDIATELY. Freddie was released from the hospital, and Alyssa will be in surgery for a few more hours. She was cognitive pre-surgery, and all of her tests were perfect. Both Freddie's and Alyssa's families are heading there now, and they are in the best hands.

I will keep you guys updated.


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I hope she's okay, but I'm trying to figure out why the hell they took her to St Elizabeth's in Youngstown when there are real hospitals in real cities within the same distance. St E's staffed by a bunch of Lexie Carvers.  My mom just had an appendectomy there and they screwed that up! 
(Disclaimer: I grew up in Youngstown and that place is a festering hellhole. Come to think of it, maybe because of the all of shootings and stabbings they have an amazing trauma team...)

Snark aside, I wish them a speedy recovery!

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The online soap "Youthful Daze" releases one episode a week (I haven't watched it, don't even know anything about it.)


Jen Lilley is already acting on the show, and now Chrishell Stause will be going there as well.Brian Craig (Morgan from GH) and Trevor St. John (Todd/Victor from OLTL) are already on the show.  Rick Hearst (Ric on GH, Whip from B&B) will be joining soon as well.




The show's website is at http://www.youthfuldaze.com/

Edited by Rick Kitchen
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Freddie tweeted today:



Feeling so lucky and blessed today to be lounging with Alyssa Tabit taking in the autumn day in Ohio. I can't thank you all enough for your on going support, thoughts and prayers!!!! I really do have the best friends and family in the world!!!!

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Soap Star Alison Sweeney Pens Goodbye Letter to 'Days of our Lives' Fans



"We've been through a lot together, haven't we? As many of you may know, when I first found out I was auditioning for Days (in September of 1992), I flipped out!! It was quite literally a dream come true for me because I'd been a mildly obsessed Days of our Lives fan for several years. A die-hard Jack & Jennifer fan, I so desperately wanted Hope to not be dead in that vat of acid, I loved her sassy spunk and bad-boy lover. I could go on and on... the point is, I've never forgotten what it felt like to tune in every day, anxious to find out what was going to happen to my favorite character. Yelling at my screen at Stefano, crying when Isabella died in John's - wait, Roman's (???) - arms, grinning ear-to-ear when Frankie & Eve sang Heart & Soul on the train. (why were they on a train??) What I'm trying to say, is that I took that fan experience into every storyline I was involved with over the last two decades. I always felt the audience watching at home. It has always mattered to me to tell the story as best as I possibly could.


No question - I am ‪#‎teamSami‬. I have always rooted for her... to finally stop putting her foot in her mouth, being her own worst enemy, eternally needing her parents approval, oh, this list could go on and on. It's impossible to miss Sami's faults. But I loved her more for them. And I loved playing her faults and her character flaws as much I loved playing the scenes when she persevered! And now it's been only 5 months since I've stopped getting scripts in the mail, and I MISS HER. I miss Sami, her insecurities and her agendas. I miss my friends in the cast and crew who are as close as family to me. And now that you've shared with my Sami's final goodbyes, I will miss all of you."


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I love Alison and I miss her too.  A 20 year veteran and she's still young enough to have a long second career and lord knows she has a lot of projects on her hands.  Good for her.  I've never heard her say anything bad about another cast member or a storyline.  This tells me she will be back sometimes and so will I.

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I was watching Days today and my 22 yr. old son came thru the room. Asked me what I was watching without looking at the TV and I said "Days".  He then asked if it was any good...still not realizing it is a soap opera.  I said "yea it's okay, but it would be alot better if they would get rid of Abifail and have Grimace and Bollie runaway to somewhere else, but I'm glad Sneasle is in gone for now.I really liked RoboMar about 30 years ago, but not anymore."    He gets this look on his face and says "Man, they sure name people weird names on soaps don't they."  I laughed and laughed!!   The absolute funniest thing about it is that I named my middle son who is 26 now Justin....cuz I really liked Justin Kuriakis back then.   The days in the lives of soap opera watchers.  LOL  LOL  

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  • 2 weeks later...

since I'm a paralegal I think I can safely say that "theoretically" (I can only say that since I'm not a lawyer), if this is Freddies first real offense he'll very likely get a big fine watch some mandatory videos and some community service with probation for a couple of years. At worst he'll get a a few months in prison but that's highly unlikely since there was only injuries in the accident. He's probably already hired a good attorney (or more likely NBC got him one) and the lawyer will work out a good plea deal for him. I think I can safely say that no matter what happens Freddie is feeling enough guilt right now no matter what the judge does.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Tuning in to an episode of Days of Our Lives is currently more boring than watching maggots mate. Do they mate? I don’t want to know.


Abifail and the plastic mannequin mate every single time we see them, so yes, it appears maggots do mate.

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Daytime Confidential calls out Ken Corday and "Days"


Although I sneered at "There are a few bright spots. John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) are finding their way back to one another.".

Isn't that the same thing as watching two slugs slime their way -slooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllyyyy - towards the same decaying pile of discarded In and Out Burger leftovers at the beach?

Or am I missing the romance of spoiled meat??

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Michael Fairman has posted his list of best and worst in soaps for 2014. Here are the ones pertaining to Days:




Days of our Lives  – When a soap opera is set to lose its biggest stars, where was the next A storyline and set-up to hold the audiences interest?  It wasn’t there!  Once Alison Sweeney (Sami) and James Scott (EH) left the canvas, it felt like the series had nothing else going-on that could hold viewers interest in a major way.  Even Kristen’s return this time didn’t quite play out as strong as we had hoped, no fault to Eileen Davidson’s (Kristen) always brilliant star turn.  Forced couples and romances, characters we don’t care about, and newbies, just aren’t what the doctor should have ordered in Salem to help keep this show on track, which is a shame, because at times DAYS in 2014 was can’t-miss-soap!  Here’s hoping their big 5-0 brings some much needed shake-ups, some familiar faces we would love to see return to Salem, and some characters we care about what happens to them!




The Departure of Alison Sweeeney and James Scott – Days of our Lives – When two big names leave the show almost simultaneously… it is a big blow to the niche of daytime soap operas!  The decision by both Alison Sweeney and James Scott to exit the series put an end to EJami, with a story carrot tangling, if and when these two want to return!  But it left a gaping hole that is still felt on the show.






Alison Sweeney – Days of our Lives – In her almost 22 year run on DAYS, Alison Sweeney never had the year she had in her swan song!  She was handed great material to showcase her, and she made the most of it!  Sami’s revenge plot, EJ’s “death”, and finding herself suddenly a widow, were just a few of the morsels she executed to perfection.  Sweeney is missed!






Blake Berris – Nick tells Julie he wants to change his life shortly before he is shot – Day of our Lives – A star turn monologue before Nick gets shot through the heart by the best young actor around.




Alison Sweeney – Sami reveals her revenge plan to EJ and let’s Abigail have a piece of her mind – Days of our Lives – Alison made us transfixed in the scenes as she goes to visit EJ in the slammer, and tells him that she set him up, took his company, and has known all along that her husband was having a fling with Abigail!  She tells him she going to make him pay and suffer like she did.  But then, Sami hightails over to Jennifer’s house and tells “Dear Abby” she knows that she had sex in the shower of the changing room at the company with EJ!  You go, Sami!






Freddie Smith – Days of our Lives – We loved Sonny during his wedding to Will, we loved Sonny navigating through the arrival of his ex, and we have loved Freddie’s portrayal of a good guy.  For once, a nice guy can be interesting on DAYS!


Blake Berris – Days of our Lives - A fearless actor who can play it all, Nick’s revenge plot and his ultimate demise, showed that Blake was another blow to DAYS when he left the series.




Susan Seaforth Hayes – Nick’s death and his final moments – Days of our Lives – Can we please write a story that gives this fantastic veteran actress something to do?  We were reminded of her greatness in Nick’s final conversation with Julie before he died, and then her devastation at his death.




Billy Flynn – Days of our Lives – Flynn had the tough task at coming in and making the role of Chad DiMera his own, following the departure of the beloved Casey Deidrick.  Billy has done that and made the character his own, infusing a new sexy and dangerous life into the guy!




Paul Narita – Days of our Lives – Thank God for Paul, right?  Will and Sonny needed some shaking up, and this closeted pro baseball player is the guy to do it.  Fans are already rooting for it to be PaulSon, instead of WilSon, in short order!




Eileen Davidson as Kristen DiMera -Days of our Lives – Eileen is so good at playing the evil, twisted, and venomous Kristen!  Whether it be playing a game of cat and mouse with Daniel, or stealing an embryo, or doing anything to get back with the man of her desires… Brady Black!


BEST SPEECH -Fictional


Peggy McKay, as Caroline Brady speaking at Sonny and Will’s wedding – Days of our Lives – McKay broke hearts telling the story of The Brady’s Irish friends who were gay, and who could not let anyone know!




Alison Sweeney – Sami heads to Hollywood – Days of our Lives – So, Alison Sweeney delivers tour de force after tour de force, and then the concept of Sami’s exit is for her to head to Hollywood?  Even the fans were predicting that she would meet up with EJ and the two would go off somewhere and hide from their enemies, and that didn’t happen. Sweeney and the fans deserved a better exit story!




Sonny and Will’s Wedding  – Days of our Lives – When you watch this episode back, it’s the writing that was on the money, and a great step forward for the history of daytime soap opera with the first male gay wedding between two characters.






James Scott – Days of our Lives – James gave a touching final turn when he told Sami to look out for the children before he took his final breath, or so we thought?




Sami’s revenge plot against EJ and Abigail – Days of our Lives - This was a well-crafted story that had DAYS fans on the edge of their seat just waiting to find out how Sami would find out about EJ and Abby’s liaisons,  and when she did, what would she do!  Riveting daytime drama at its best.




EJ’s Dream/Nightmare – Sami Knows The Truth of His Affair with Abigail – Days of our Lives -  It looked like Sami had finally found out about Abigail and EJ’s affair, and all hell broke loose, becoming more campy, and raucous, and even touching, along the way.  Sweeney and Scott both gave fantastic performances, but as it turned out, this EJami special was all in EJ’s mind!




Kristen steals Theresa’s embryo right out of her- Days of our Lives - Say what? How does this work exactly?




Jordan Ridgeway – Days of our Lives - Chrishell Stause’s character never clicked, the character was a dud.  Romance, a back-story, nothing worked, because it felt all thrown in.

Ben Rogers – Days of our Lives - Rob Scott Wilson’s character isn’t clicking either. The character is a dud at this point.




EJ and Sami – Days of our Lives – They went out as they had started … tortured, conflicted, fighting, loving and hating … but in the end there was love.




Jennifer and Daniel – Days of our Lives – A psycho named Liam, Kristen issues, sons and daughters, no matter what the writers try to do to make the viewers invest in this couple, it just didn’t work.  Dannifer is over, and fans are rejoicing!






JJ and Paige – Days of our Lives – Forced couple with no investment from viewers #1

Rafe and Jordan – Days of our Lives – Forced couple with no investment from viewers #2

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So apparently Guy Wilson has a tattoo on his chest, which they are covering up with makeup, and he decided to get rid of it, so he's undergoing laser burning to remove it.


He also is having laser eye surgery today so he won't have to wear glasses any more.

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Cameron Mathison from AMC will be co-starring with Alison in the Chocolate Chip Cookies movies.


That poor woman.  She leaves DOOL and now is stuck starring with the Supreme DoucheLord of Suckage.  He managed, almost single-handedly, to bring AMC to its knees and now he's going to tank any chance AS has of a chance outside Days.  She better make sure to stand back a ways because the guy is a major spitter.

I wonder if he'll be wearing his lucky thong....

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Hallmark Launching ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder’ Movie Franchise Starring Alison Sweeney



They would have to do quite a bit of rewriting to make them interesting.  I've read some of these books and it is one of the only mystery series I've started and not finished.  The characters are ridiculously, laughably old-fashioned, often unlikable, and paper thin.  The town's police department is even more stupid than the Salem PD.  And the mysteries themselves are no mystery at all.  Yes, I'm a little bitter that I wasted time reading these dumb books


The lovely Allison Sweeney may be able to something with the charmless Hannah Swensen, but Cameron Matheson will only bring her down.

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Kristen Alderson, who plays Kiki on GH and played Starr Manning on OLTL (and GH) has announced she is leaving GH.  Kassie dePaiva, who played her mother on OLTL, tweeted that she would love to have her come to Days.


I love KDP, but she should BITE HER TONGUE!  Show does NOT NEED Mrs. Potato Head.  She's just Abigail with a huge head.  Noooooooo.....

Now it was her brother, Eddie, that would be good.


Just say not to Kristen Alderson.

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SOD this week has a long interview with Christopher Sean.  He was a model, a former Mister Asia USA, and he was in acting class with Billy Flynn.  He said he auditioned for the show with two other guys, and they all had to perform with Freddie Smith in the audition.

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